NASCAR: Kyle Busch Responds with Frustration After Brief Start at New Hampshire

by Quentin Blount

The NASCAR Cup Series race at New Hampshire came to an early stop on Sunday afternoon after wet track conditions caused a multi-car crash.

The race went ahead as scheduled on Sunday despite multiple drivers warning officials that the track at New Hampshire Motor Speedway was wet. And those poor conditions got worse before they could get better. As a matter of fact, leader Kyle Busch, Martin Truex Jr., and Denny Hamlin all spun out at one point on the sixth lap.

Kyle Busch said after the race was called off that it should “never should have gone green.”

“We started the race under a mist,” Busch said after the race. “It never should have gone green to begin with, but then it kept getting worse and worse lap over lap. The lap before I went into [Turn] 1, and it shoved the nose really bad and I was able to keep it under control.”

Despite being able to get some of the frustration off of his chest, the NASCAR driver wasn’t able to say all he wanted to.

“It wasn’t bad enough. The next time I went down there, help, I lifted at the flag stand — maybe a little past the flag stand — and just backed it in. We’ve been talking about it for two laps that it was raining. There’s no sense in saying what I want to say, it doesn’t do you any good.”

“We’re done, we’re going home. It’s over. There’s no fixing that thing.”

The driver of the No. 18 Toyota Camry for Joe Gibbs Racing posted a video clip from the race to his official Twitter account.

“No magic here,” Busch wrote on Twitter.

NASCAR Fans Take Sides After Latest Race is Called Off

Do you think that NASCAR made the right call by letting the race go ahead as scheduled? Racing fans on Twitter seem to be split right down the middle.

“I honestly wish you put NASCAR on blast,” one person said in reply to Kyle Busch. “Officials in the tower are blind as bats and pretty much ruined your day. So frustrating that car looked really solid early on.”

However, others weren’t so quick to feel bad.

“NASCAR had about 30 seconds at the very most to make a decision. How many drivers cry wolf about rain or debris to get a pit stop before they go a lap down? He’s a veteran of the sport. If it’s that bad, slow down and live to be in the race later on.”

And finally, one fan went as far as to call Busch’s antics during the NASCAR Cup Series race “one of the worst displays of sportsmanship” that he’s ever seen.

“Hitting the pace car was one of the worst displays of sportsmanship in my 48 years,” another fan said. “You’re finally #1 at something to me. Grow up.”