NASCAR: Newly Reinstated Driver Kyle Larson Has No Sponsors For 2021 #5 Hendrick Chevrolet

by Will Shepard

NASCAR greeted highly-touted driver Kyle Larson this week back to the track. Larson was fired earlier this year, but he recently signed with Hendrick Motorsport. However, Hendrick still lacks any sponsors for his new car.

The young driver was fired only six months ago from Chip Ganassi Racing. Once news surfaced that he made a racial slur while competing in an iRace event, NASCAR and Ganassi suspended him indefinitely. Ganassi terminated Larson’s contract after many sponsors dropped him.

After Larson completed the necessary steps to return to racing, he still finds himself without a sponsor. Hendrick is doing its due diligence to find sponsors for their driver but seems to be of no avail.

From October 28, nothing has changed, just as Bob Pockrass said in the tweet above. Sponsoring Larson is a tall task

Further worrying for Larson and his company, it seems like sponsors are avoiding him. Regardless of Larson’s driving talent, a racial slur slung at others means that company’s and fans alike avoid you.

Ally prefers to offer their sponsorship to Alex Bowman. In fact, Ally completed that main sponsorship deal in early October. Nonetheless, Pockrass said that “any sponsorship for Larson will take time and expect a company’s involvement to be gradual.”

To be clear, no company is going to outright commit to Larson. Instead, companies will take their time to assess Larson’s value to the company and his reception from fans.

Kyle Larson May Get Some Help

Again, hate crimes are the plague, and companies – and fans – avoid it like crazy. Larson is without a doubt suffering from his thoughtless actions earlier this year. Sponsoring Larson is a risky business at the moment.

However, there is some good news for Larson:

Pockrass says that because Hendrick is such an astounding company, their business relationship will result in something happening. Furthermore, Pockrass says that nothing is finalized.

Small and large sponsors continue to stay away from Larson. However, the 2021 NASCAR season is four months away. So, there is still ample time for Larson to prove he learned from his mistake. Importantly, he needs to prove that he isn’t a detriment to any brands willing to risk sponsoring Larson.

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