NASCAR: Richard Petty Motorsports Says Goodbye to Bubba Wallace, Twitter Sounds Off

by Will Shepard

On Sunday, Richard Petty Motorsports gave thanks to Bubba Wallace for driving the #43 car for 3 seasons. In addition, users on Twitter made the time to thank the awe-inspiring driver.

In the short but fond farewell to their driver, Petty Motorsports thanks Wallace for his commendable driving. As well as his importance to changing the sport.

All in all, Wallace’s inspiring time with Petty Motorsport comes to an end this season. Wallace remains outspoken about social justice issues, with the full support of Petty Motorsports. In light of his campaigns for racial equality, Bubba took the time to vote in this year’s presidential election. For the first time in his life, he cast a vote. In addition – at least for a time – prominently displaying a “VOTE” decal on his car.

Twitter’s Fond Farewell To Wallace

Wallace on September 10, thanked his former team for allowing him to race with them. Almost one month, and a number of races, later, Petty Motorsports share their thanks. Twitter users quickly responded to all of the posts.

As heartfelt as one can be, he thanks Petty Motorsports for helping him grow as a driver. Moreover, he thanks them for aiding his growth as a person too.

During this past Sunday’s race, he displayed a special thanks to Petty Motorsport. Twitter users, NASCAR fans, and his fans all thank him for his time with the team.

For instance, one fan thanks Petty Motorsports for having Wallace for three years. Clearly though, he is also excited to see what Bubba is going to do with his new employer.

Another user compliments RPM and their ex-driver for being an inspiration to thousands, if not millions.

Yet another user thanks Wallace for his time with RPM. Undoubtedly, this fan will be following to his new team.

Wallace is helping to grow NASCAR’s appeal to another race. As the Confederate Flag once flew constantly over races for many years, he successfully petitioned its removal. This fan is clearly thankful for the work he’s doing along with his driving.

As Bubba has said for years, he’s the only black driver in the sport right now and is proud to represent the community.

Wallace is continuing his journey with Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin at 23XI Racing. Wallace is hoping the dynamic new team will be able to take his career to new heights.