Nebraska Football’s Tribute to Service Members and First Responders Has Fans Celebrating

by Leanne Stahulak

On Tuesday, the Nebraska football team dropped a beautiful video honoring service members and first responders, including the Cornhuskers’ own Damian Jackson.

Jackson served as a Navy SEAL for four years before joining the Nebraska football team. Now, he serves as an outside linebacker for the Cornhuskers. But the team and the nation will never forget how Jackson and so many others put their lives on the line for our safety and freedom.

In the video, we see Jackson holding the American flag as he walks alone down a street. Soon, Nebraska football fans fall in behind him, moving in slow motion while Lady Bri’s haunting song “This Will Be The Day” plays in the background. Eventually, Jackson meets up with a line of first responders — a doctor, a firefighter, a sheriff — and veterans, including a man who appears to be an amputee.

The Nebraska football player removes his helmet, and he and the veteran salute each other. You can see the touching interaction in the Cornhuskers’ tweet below.

Nebraska Football Fans Praise the Team’s Emotional Tribute Video

After the video dropped, it quickly spread across Twitter. Several fans responded to the original post with heartfelt messages of thanks and gratitude, like the one below.

“WOW! What a beautiful tribute,” wrote Twitter user Mike. “I honor and thank God for men like Damian Jackson, our veterans and active military, our policeman, and our firefighters who love our Flag and America. Every day you realize may be your last, yet you risk it all for us.”

Nebraska football fan Becky agreed. “This is the best Video ever. Thank you for this reminder! We will never forget!”

“America needed this video at this moment. Proud of our military & all first responders. Thanks, Nebraska. #Respect#NeverForget,” wrote user Jean Maree.

Veterans and other former military members also expressed their thanks to the Nebraska football team for their thoughtful tribute.

“As a former military member, ‘I Thank You for this’. Hard not to get emotional when watching this,” Leland Hill replied on Twitter.

A user who goes by K Upton Taylor wrote, “As a multi tour OEF & OIF vet and all that is going on I really appreciate this – especially knowing Damien is one of our brothers. Damien & Nebraska football thank you for helping all remember why we have given up years of our lives. Good luck on your season.”

The tribute even caused some die-hard college football fans to switch allegiance from their favorite teams.

“….and just like that, this Texas Longhorn became a major Nebraska fan! God bless the USA!” a user named Myra tweeted.

One user said, “I’ll be a Nebraska Cornhuskers football fan this season – they’re an America First football team.”

“Now a Nebraska fan forever, but the Tide still rolls,” another user claimed.

And this last fan just really summed up how we all felt after watching that moving video. “Well it’s 7:22 am and I’m crying,” Ash said.