NFL: New England Patriots Giving Back to Military Families By Helping Them Prepare for School Year

by Thad Mitchell

The NFL’s New England Patriots are giving back to the fans that root for them every Sunday by making sure students have school supplies.

The New England Patriots will be assisting young school-age children of military families by providing them with backpacks and supplies. The Patriots hope the big giveaway will assist around 30,000 students with the supply-stuffed backpacks. The team will be providing these items to Massachusetts children to get their school year off right. The full backpacks will go to students at no cost to their families.

Don Cox, who heads up the Massachusetts Military Relief Fund, says the assistance from the New England Patriots is invaluable. He says each year local military families struggle to provide their children with the appropriate school supplies. The donation of loaded backpacks will certainly ease the financial burden on these families when it comes to school needs. Military children are often on the move and can have trouble adjusting to their new surroundings. The hope is the backpack donations will provide them with an easier transition into new school zones. Cox also notes that like football, this operation is a team effort among numerous organizations.

“Military children often face moving multiple times and changing schools or having a parent deploy,” he says. “We are proud to partner with the Patriots, Revolution, Operation Homefront and Dollar Tree Stores to provide military children with the basic tools needed to participate in school.”

New England Patriots Give Back to Community

Cox also notes the backpack and supplies donation is a small token of appreciation to the country’s military members. It also shows the dedication of these organizations in giving back to their communities and taking care of area youth. The New England Patriots serve their community in several ways.

“It is just one small way to show them that the community appreciates them,” Cox proclaims.

Kraft Family Philanthropies President Josh Kraft, son of New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft, says the team is willing to pitch in and help the community. In a press release, he also thanks the team’s fans for their assistance in helping with the project.

“We are excited to once again team with the Massachusetts Military Support Foundation for Operation Backpack,” Kraft says. “With students returning to the classrooms this fall, we want to make sure that they are put in a position to succeed. With the support of our fans, 30,000 students will be well-equipped for the upcoming school year.”

School supplies are coming at a significant cost these days, the impact of these donations is great. Known to have one of the most loyal fan bases in the NFL, the New England Patriots love giving back to the community.

Coming off of a disappointing year, the New England Patriots will look to get back on track this season. The team will take on the Miami Dolphins in their season opener on September 12.