New England Patriots Reveal ‘2020 Edition’ Team Photo, NFL Fans Sound Off

by Quentin Blount

NFL fans are sounding off on social media after the New England Patriots released a socially-distanced team picture for the 2020 season.

New England sent out a tweet with the official photo of the 2020 roster on Saturday afternoon. The photo features the entire team from this year, each standing six-feet apart from one another. In addition, all team and staff members can be seen wearing masks. It didn’t take long for fans to question why the team was social distancing for their team photo but not during the games.

“Team photo day: 2020 edition,” the official New England Patriots account wrote on Twitter.

The Patriots are currently 3-5 and are in third place of the AFC East. Prior to this year, the Patriots had won their division 18 of the last 20 years. That includes winning it 11 times in a row dating back to last year.

NFL Fans Sound Off on New England Patriots

The newly-released, socially-distanced team picture sparked some confusion among football fans on social media. Many fans were left wondering why the players can stand next to each other on the sidelines and out on the field but not for a team photo.

That’s precisely what one fan said when he sent a reply to the Patriot’s tweet.

“This doesn’t make any sense, y’all are so close to each other on the side line and huddle with no mask but for a photo you need to be 6 feet?” he wrote on Twitter.

One fan went as far as to say that masks are simply a “prop” and “propaganda.”

“More proof masks are simply a prop. They’re out playing football with their teammates tackling each with no masks, but suddenly need them to take a picture while standing 6 feet apart. Propaganda,” he said.

Another fan sent a reply to that, saying the masks aren’t propaganda, but instead it’s simply NFL protocol.