New England Patriots Share Hilarious Taylor Swift Meme After Nick Folk’s Game-Winner

by Will Shepard

Monday night’s showcasing of a roller coaster football game was capped with Nick Folk’s game-winning field goal. Between two pretty bad teams, the New England Patriots barely pulled out the win.

After the game, the Patriots’ Twitter account paid homage to Taylor Swift’s new album cover for Folklore.

Although, Nick Folk is certainly not Taylor swift, the album almost inspires a hope for collaboration on her next work. However, using a play on words with Folk’s name, the album cover is a fitting tribute to the field goal. Taylor Swift’s album is now platinum, just like Folk’s kick.

Furthermore, the 2-5 Patriots beat the 0-7 New York Jets to improve to an altogether unimpressive 3-5 on the season. Whether or not Bill Belichick is taking the season seriously is beside the point. The question remains though, is an album cover really worth celebrating such an unimpressive win?

Nick Folk’s New Album

However, Swift’s album, as of October 25, has 8-weeks at number 1 on the billboard, the same cannot be said for Folk’s Patriots. Until the Patriots top the NFL power rankings for eight weeks straight, maybe the team should stay away from using platinum albums as a tribute to their kicker.

In truth though, this hilarious take on Folklore is a refreshing post for the altogether awful Patriot’s team. A much-needed win over the Jets with the clock running out could give Folk some extra confidence.

As Bill Belichick puts it: “Nick did a great job. He’s a tough kid, he came through for us obviously in a big way. He’s really been consistent for us over the last year and half. Couldn’t be a bigger kick and he put it right down the middle. Awesome job on his part.”

So, Folk undoubtedly earns his album cover this week. And, fans love the tweet.

Winning six championships in the last two decades merits their ability to post whatever they want after wins.

Albeit their attractiveness levels are in different stratospheres, no offense to either of them, the Patriots deserve some credit for their art. All that said though, the nod for best album cover art goes to Swift.