New York Knicks Reggie Bullock Has Hilarious Jersey Mix-Up

by Charles Craighill

With the NBA just starting up again, many teams still have to work out some off-season kinks. For the New York Knicks, their dysfunction extends to their jerseys. In tonight’s matchup against the Philadelphia 76ers, guard Reggie Bullock had a jersey with two different numbers on it. They quickly resolved the issue, but the jersey mix up speaks to the disheveled New York team.

Reggie Bullock wears number 25 for the New York Knicks, but the alternate jersey printed the number 23 on the back. Someone pulled the spare out, so Bullock could go on the floor. 

Mitchell Robinson wears 23 for the Knicks, which caused a bit of confusion for the announcers.

He ended up not making a difference as the New York Knicks ended up losing to the Philadelphia 76ers 109 to 89. Bullock put up 6 points, 3 rebounds, and 2 assists on 27 minutes. 

Julius Randle led the Knicks in scoring with 25 points, only Joel Embid had more for the 76ers with 27. With the loss, the New York Knicks fall to 0-2 on the season. Tomorrow they will likely fall to 0-3 as they have to go up against the Milwaukee Bucks, who are one of the best teams in the East right now. 

New York Knicks Woes

The New York Knicks have been struggling for quite a while now. Last season, they finished 12 in the east with a 21-45 record. This year has not started too much better for them, still at the bottom of the standings for the young season. With that said, there are several very bad teams in the east, so the Knicks could sneak their way Into the playoffs. 

What the New York Knicks do have in their favor is a young team. They have used their high draft picks over the past few years to build a strong foundation for a team of the future. With players like RJ Barrett and Obi Toppin, the future in New York could be bright. It all hinges on whether or not the team can build a cohesive unit. Only time will tell whether or not the New York Knicks can return to a competitive form.