NFC Championship: Green Bay Covered in Snow As Game Time Nears, Photos of Weather Conditions Flood Internet

by Josh Lanier

It’s a full-on case of Green Bay gonna Green Bay. Temperatures plummeted overnight and fans woke up to snow covering the town. Will it give them an edge in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game? Well … maybe.

The Buccaneers will likely get lucky and avoid any snow during the game, but they’ll have to deal with the cold. Temperatures are expected to stay in the mid-20s before falling into the teens in Wisconsin. It’s a balmy 60 in Tampa Bay at the moment.

Snow is expected to continue to fall all day, but the majority is expected to fall south of Lambeau Field. An overnight dusting turned the field into a winter wonderland. One that crews have been trying to clean up all afternoon.

Fans opening for weather advantage may be disappointed since Tom Brady played college in Michigan and has spent his entire career before this year in New England.

Green Bay Mourns the Loss of Former General Manager

Former Packers General Manager Ted Thompson has died on Jan. 20 evening. Thompson was 68-years-old.

Thompson has been suffering worsening health because of an autonomic nervous system disorder. Though the cause of death was not released.

Thompson served as the Packers GM from 2005 to 2017. But he stepped away from the role after 12 years because of his health. After his exit, he also remained on as a consultant for the team.

Packers coach Matt LaFleur said Thompson’s impact on the team couldn’t be underplayed.

“Our condolences go out to his family,” LaFleur told ESPN. “Certainly he’s a guy that’s held in the highest regard in this building and I think just around the league. He’s had a tremendous impact, not only on people in this building and obviously Gutey [current Packers GM Brian Gutekunst] and a lot of our personnel people, but people in other departments as well.

“His impact is still felt to this day when you look at our roster, but I think he’s had a tremendous impact amongst many people across the league when you look at the other GMs that have learned under him.”

Being general manager from 2005 through 2017 means he was the one who made the decision to draft quarterback Aaron Rodgers in 2005. He was also behind the move to push out Hall of Famer Brett Favre for the young replacement. A controversial decision at the time, but one that has clearly paid off for the Packers.

He also hired Mike McCarthy as head coach. Together they crafted a team that took the Packers to eight consecutive playoffs. The Packers also played in the NFC Championship four times during Thompson’s tenure and won the Super Bowl in 2010.