NFL: Bidet Company Offers Lamar Jackson and Teammates Free Devices After Browns Game

by Thad Mitchell

Lamar Jackson’s mid-game locker room trot during Monday Night Football might earn him and teammates some free stuff.

The Baltimore Ravens quarterback lead his team to victory against the Cleveland Browns Monday evening. Jackson was sensational during the game, especially late when his team needed him the most. The Ravens would go on to win the highly competitive match by a final score of 47 to 42. Jackson threw for 162 yards and a touchdown while also contributing to the Ravens’ running game.

Despite the win and Jackson’s heroic efforts, the talk of the NFL is the quarterback’s third-quarter locker room trip. Once video of Jackson’s scramble to the locker room emerged, many speculated he was answering the call of Mother Nature.

In his postgame interview and on social media, Jackson insists he did scamper down the stadium’s tunnel for a bathroom break. That hasn’t stopped his teammates, fans and NFL watchers from cracking jokes at his expense though. Now the hilarity of the situation has climbed even higher according to a Pro Football Talk tweet.

“A bidet company has already offered free devices to Lamar Jackson and his teammates,” the tweet states.

The tweet doesn’t specify exactly which company offered to hook Jackson and his teammates up with free devices.

A bidet is a bowl or receptacle designed to be sat on for the purpose of washing a person’s nether regions. It is not yet known if the Baltimore Ravens players will take the company up on the offer.

Lamar Jackson is a Good Sport Over the Situation

Despite the embarrassing nature of the situation, Jackson has kept his cool and made light of the situation. Speaking with reporters after the game, the quarterback says he didn’t “pull a Paul Pierce,” meaning he didn’t fake an injury to go to the bathroom.

He maintains that he didn’t head to the locker room for a trip to the little boys room. Instead, he insists he went to the back to receive treatment for severe cramping.