NFL: Bill Belichick’s Best Mic’d Up Moments Over in 2020 and the Past

by Quentin Blount

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick often keeps his words to a minimum off the football field, but on the field is an entirely different story.

Over the past several seasons, the NFL has changed the way we view football. With the league’s “Mic’d Up” series, fans today have been granted access beyond the stands and inside the lines and minds of our favorite players and coaches.

Each week, certain NFL players and coaches are wired with a small microphone. This experience gives the common fan a first-person perspective of life on the field and in the helmet.

Bill Belichick Mic’d Up This Year Against the Broncos

Belichick was mic’d up during the Patriots 18-12 loss in Week 6 against the Denver Broncos. Midway during the game, the normally soft-spoken Belichick is seen screaming at the refs for a hold.

“That’s holding!” Belichick yells. The refs then came over to talk it out with the head coach.

“You know, we’re getting tackled on that play-action, I don’t know how you let that go,” he says to the refs. “He tackles him, like, c’mon man. This line that’s all they do. They punch you in the face and hold.”

Best of Belichick Mic’d Up Over the Years

NFL Films released a compilation video over on its YouTube channel in October featuring some of the best mic’d up moments of the future Hall of Fame coach during his career.

Perhaps one of the best moments came when Belichick told Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson that the Patriots were going to be double-covering him in a preseason game.

“We’re double-covering you so you’ll have the night off,” Belichick tells Johnson. “One double 85, that’s our call. One double 85.”

“No matter where I go?” Johnson asks.

“Yeah so you can’t hide,” replies Belichick.

Johnson couldn’t tell if Coach Belichick was being serious or if he was kidding around.

“You serious or you just playing?” Johnson asks. “Tell me you just playing.”

“We’re not gonna watch you run in the end zone and spike the ball here,” Belichick jokes.

The full 22-minute video gives NFL fans an idea of what Belichick is really like inside of the white lines.