NFL: Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Thinks Tony Romo Should Be in Hall of Fame

by Suzanne Halliburton

Jerry Jones, the publicity-loving owner of the Dallas Cowboys, really wants Tony Romo in the NFL Hall of Fame.

Yes, really. Romo represented the perfect quarterback for Jones. The Cowboys didn’t even need to use a draft pick on Romo when they signed him as a free agent out of Eastern Illinois in 2003. He started for the Cowboys from 2006-15.

As of 2022, Romo is eligible for the NFL Hall of Fame. Jerry Jones says vote him in. In an interview with 103.5, the Cowboys owner says of Romo:

“Well, I think there’s no question in my mind that Tony is skilled, at a skilled level, and had accomplishments statistically that were there. The fact that we did not have a Super Bowl during that time is always going to be in the conversation as to where Tony Romo will rank — not rank, but where he’s acknowledged. You’re talking to a guy that he would be a first-round ballot with me, and I don’t apologize for that.”

For selection to the Hall, voters tend to look at quarterbacks through a different lens. QBs, depending on the offense, can put up tremendous numbers. But did the team win when he was under center?

So since Jerry Jones would prefer Romo be selected, let’s look at his post-season body of work. OK, we can make this easy. Coming into this fall, it’s been 25 years since the Cowboys even made it past the divisional rounds of the playoffs. Romo helped keep that streak alive.

Jerry Jones Says of Course He’s Disappointed Cowboys Never Made It to Super Bowl With Romo

Romo led the Cowboys to six playoff appearances. He won two of them.

“You’ve heard me say it’s right there maybe my most disappointing thing about the Cowboys for me is not winning a Super Bowl or be in one with Tony Romo,” Jerry Jones said. “And we just weren’t able when we didn’t have him, we weren’t able to compensate for that. That had something to do with him not being on a Super Bowl team.”

The Cowboys boast 20 members of the NFL Hall of Fame. In the latest ceremonies, three Cowboys made it — Cliff Harris and Drew Pearson along with former coach Jimmy Johnson.

Dallas does have two quarterbacks in Canton, Ohio. They’re Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman. Staubach helped lead the Cowboys to four Super Bowls, with two wins. Aikman won three rings and led the Cowboys to four straight appearances in the NFC championship game.

Romo did have some impressive individual stats in his career, with more than 34,000 yards passing yards and 248 touchdowns. That got him to four Pro Bowls.

Now, will it propel him to the NFL Hall of Fame? Probably not, although Jerry Jones certainly likes the idea of a third Cowboys quarterback in Canton. Besides not playing in a Super Bowl, Romo didn’t even win a league MVP award.

But Tony Romo does dominate in other areas. He’s a game analyst for CBS and maybe the best on-air, no matter the network. He agreed to a deal in February 2020, that now pays him $17 million annually. That makes him the highest-paid football analyst, ever.