NFL: Giants’ Logan Ryan Dedicates Game Ball to Wife, Days After She Lost Baby in Emergency Surgery

by Matthew Wilson

New York Giants’ defensive back Logan Ryan dedicates Sunday’s game ball to his wife Ashley. Earlier this week, she underwent emergency surgery after discovering she was pregnant.

“It was an extremely emotional week,” Ryan said after the game. He made a key play at the end of the match-up against Washington to secure victory for the Giants. The team celebrated by giving Ryan the game’s ball, which he in turn dedicated to his wife.

“[I’m] extremely grateful to the organization and to my wife…She’s a fighter,” Ryan said. “That ball’s for her. She told me to bring one home for her so I was able to do that.”

Logan Ryan’s Wife Began Experiencing Stomach Pains

In an Instagram Story, Ashley detailed she began to experience “abdominal pain” while on a trip to Florida on Nov. 4. On advice from the Giants trainer Justin Maher, she decided to go to the emergency room. Blood work at the hospital showed that Ashley was pregnant.

The news shocked her and Ryan because she used an intrauterine device for birth control. The doctors performed an ultrasound where they discovered complications with her pregnancy.

“About an hour later, the lightness dimmed as I noticed my ultrasound tech was very quiet and my pain was getting worse,” Ashley wrote. “The pregnancy was ectopic and had implanted in my fallopian tube. The pregnancy was not viable and we learned that the tube had ruptured. I had to have emergency surgery at 9 am [Wednesday] morning to remove the ectopic pregnancy and stop the internal bleeding.”

After the surgery, she reflected on how emotional the experience has been.

“The pain was unbearable. The emotions that followed were unbearable,” she wrote. ” I am still sorting through most of this in my own head. Why was I that 1 % [that got pregnant despite having an IUD], what does this mean for the future, how that trainer quite possibly saved my life. How I asked my sister to come on this trip with me with 2 days notice. I was supposed to be alone. How that could have been baby ‘Ozzy,’ a name I’ve always had picked out for the third child I never planned to have.”

Logan Ryan is Thankful That His Wife Survived Surgery

Ryan said he’s thankful not to lose his wife during the surgery. He said the couple is processing their emotions after losing their unexpected baby.

“For her … not to lose her there in that situation is very fortunate,” he said. “At the same time, my wife and I mourn in the silence of our lost child during that process to so we had a loss as well. Although it’s a great story, it was an emotional week for me and her and that game is definitely for my wife, definitely for my family.”