NFL: Jerry Jones Says League Plans to Add 17th Game to 2021 Schedule

by Charles Craighill

The one thing that no one will complain about is more football. The Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says that we are in luck. According to the long time Cowboy leader, every team in the NFL will add another game to their regular-season schedule. With this plan, each team will have 3 preseason games and 17 regular-season games.

Talking to 103.7 the Fan in Dallas, Jones explained the process the NFL went through to come to that decision. “We play 20 games a year before we get to the playoffs (4 preseason games, 16 regular-season games),” Jones said. “We’ve agreed with the players and the Players Association that we would increase the 16 to 17 games.”

While everyone in the NFL Players Association agreed with the idea, they also came up with some other stipulations. “I could see lessening by a game every other year, and increasing the regular season by a game,” Jones added.

Jerry Jones Explains why the NFL Waited to Add a Game

In that same conversation with the Fan in Dallas, Jerry Jones explained the NFL’s decision to wait. While all parties agree on the change in schedule, they have pushed the official decision until 2021. That is to say, the scheduling formula has been approved, but the official decision won’t be made until next year.

“[We] didn’t need to,” Jones said of the NFL’s decision. “We’ve got several meetings ahead in the offseason, and it just wasn’t something we had to address. We wanted (everyone) to think about it more and to think about if there are any nuances we could add to it. You’d be surprised (what you could come up with) when you invite the prospective from 32 teams.”

Jones has a good point. Multiple prospectives and time to think about it always benefit the decision. Some of the “nuances” Jones refers to could be interesting ways to make the games more exciting.

With an odd number of the NFL preseason and regular-season games, a few alternating plans could happen. For instance, teams with 8 home games one year and nine away games would flop next year. That would keep fairness and consistency in mind. Of course, the same would go for the preseason games.

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