NFL Legend Cris Carter Reveals Who He Thinks Is ‘Most Feared’ Receiver in the League

by Thad Mitchell

Legendary NFL wide receiver Cris Carter says he has a good idea on who the league’s most feared receiver is.

Appearing on a recent edition of “Good Morning Football” Carter discusses the top wideouts in the game today. Carter was inducted into the Pro Football Hall-of-Fame in 2013 and is considered one of the best receivers of all time. He is heavily qualified to determine who the league’s most feared pass-catcher is — but it isn’t who you might think.

DeAndre Hopkins, Stephen Diggs and Julio Jones will rank at the top of any “best wide receiver” list, but Carter has another name in mind. He shares his opinion on the show and backs up his opinion with facts and stats. He says Kansas City Chiefs wideout Tyreek Hill is the game’s most dangerous receiver today. Hill and the Chiefs are gearing up to take on Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Bucs in the Super Bowl next weekend.

Cris Carter Calls Tyreek Hill One of the Top Receivers in NFL

Carter is asked by the show’s hosts why he thinks Hill is not often mentioned among the league’s elite.

“Julio Jones has dominated the game of football, and we love Julio,” he says. “He has no weakness in his game, and we have given him that top seed, a lot like we did Larry Fitzgerald before we gave the crown to Julio. But I think it’s time to start looking at some of these other guys. Stefon Diggs had an amazing season. We know DeAndre Hopkins is going to be in the conversation. But Tyreek Hill, I’m going to say it on this show, is the best, fastest football player that we’ve had play wide receiver.”

Hill is indeed one of the league’s fastest players, if not the fastest player in the NFL. The speedster has a case for being the top receiver in the league with dominating performances each year he’s been in the league.

During the regular season, Hill caught 87 balls for 1,276 yards and 15 touchdown receptions. The Kansas City wide receiver certainly has a fan in Carter.

“This guy is a top-flight, elite All-Pro wide receiver (and) one day will be wearing a gold jacket,” he says. “Because he’s busted through the glass ceiling as far as speed guys playing wide receiver. This is what we should call him: the most feared wide receiver.”