NFL: New Orleans Saints Facing Punishment After Locker Room Dance Party Videos Surface

by Will Shepard

After a ridiculous routing of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the New Orleans Saints took the party to the locker room. Although it’s been one week since the game, the NFL takes their time levying fines.

Since the game was an outlandish beating, 38-3 in fact, over the Buccaneers, a party seems well deserving.

However much the Saints enjoy that win, they are facing some serious backlash from the NFL. As can be seen in the video no one is wearing masks. All of the players are gathered around tightly dancing and celebrating the win.

According to ESPN, the NFL is carefully thinking about the fines that are heading the Saints’ way after this incident. Although the NFL seems to have a moving target in terms of punishments assessed to offending teams. The precedent is surrounding fines to head coaches and the potential forfeiture of draft picks.

Like Raiders, Saints Are Repeat Offenders

Recently, the Las Vegas Raiders were fined $500,000 for violating protocols. In particular, Raiders head coach Jon Gruden suffers a $150,000 fine for his part in the violation. Additionally, the team loses a sixth-round pick in 2021 because of the team’s actions.

Further, the team is facing fines for not wearing masks. These fines are most likely going to be handed out this coming week.

As Adam Schefter says in his column about the violation:

“One issue the league is focused on, according to sources, is that like Gruden and the Raiders, Payton and the Saints are repeat offenders. Payton was fined $100,000 and the Saints $250,000 because Payton was not wearing a mask during New Orleans’ Week 2 loss in Las Vegas. NFL discipline almost always is more severe for repeat offenders.”

So, the Saints could be facing quite severe punishments for violation of the Covid-19 protocols. All in all, the NFL has made it explicitly clear how they want teams to handle themselves. Violating that standard has serious costs and the Saints could lose an important draft pick for their shenanigans.