NFL: Nickelodeon Wild Card Telecast to Feature Superimposed Slime in Endzones

by Thad Mitchell

This season’s National League Football playoffs will have a different look as television network Nickelodeon enters the game.

The network will televise this year’s NFL playoff wildcard games with a few different twists to appeal to the younger crowd. It will also give fans a different twist on NFL football if they choose to watch the game on Nickelodeon.

Sports Business Journal reports the end zones for each playoff team will be filled with superimposed “slime.” The green slime is a staple on many shows that appear on Nickelodeon. The station also has other plans to spice up wildcard weekend with its on unique style.

In addition to the slime, players who mug the camera after a play will have superimposed googly eyes. Players might also have a Snapchat-like filter placed over them while peering into the camera. Nickelodeon Productions and CBS Sports made the decision, after the latter won a bid to broadcast playoff games.

NFL and CBS officials hope Nickelodeon will encourage younger football fans to tune and watch the games.

“This is going to look different than a normal CBS broadcast, and I think the NFL understands that,” CBS spokesman Sean McManus says. “They really see the value and are intent on reaching a younger audience. They think that’s where the fans of the future are. The NFL think this is a really cool idea.”

Nickelodeon Sets NFL Broadcast Team

Noah Eagle will call the game from the Nickelodeon booth. CBS’ Nate Burleson and Nickelodeon’s Gabrielle Nevaeh will provide analysis of the game as it is played. Nickelodeon star Lex Lumpkin will serve as the broadcast’s sideline reporter.

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller will host a pregame show for the event. Miller’s show will be called the “SpongeBob SquarePants Countdown Special.”

Nickelodeon’s first ever NFL broadcast will air on Sunday, Jan. 10 at 4:30 ET.