NFL Pays Tribute to ‘Jeopardy!’ Host Alex Trebek After the Game Show Host’s Death

by Chris Haney

On Sunday, the longtime game show host of Jeopardy, Alex Trebek, passed away after battling pancreatic cancer for more than a year. The popular host has received an outpouring of love and condolences on social media, including from the NFL.

The NFL Network‘s Rich Eisen took a moment today to pay respects to Trebek. The sports analyst shared that he is a huge game show fan. Additionally, he said he fell in love with game shows as a kid, in part, because of Trebek.

“He always did his job with class and humor. And of course, he was smart,” Eisen said of Trebek. “We saw that since he took over the reins of Jeopardy in 1984 – 36 years as the host of Jeopardy. So, from behalf of all of us here at the NFL Media Group. If you have a question out there as to who is one of the greatest game show hosts of all time. The answer: Who is Alex Trebek? Rest in peace, sir.”

“Had to take a moment at the end of today’s show on @nflnetwork to pay tribute to the great @Jeopardy host Alex Trebek. #RIPAlexTrebek,” Eisen wrote alongside the accompanying clip.

NFL Films Shares Jeopardy-Based Compilation, Trebek Interview

NFL Films also shared a tribute to the late game show host. The media group is known for its highlight reels with their unmatched access to NFL games. For decades, NFL Films have mic’d up players to give fans a more in-depth game day experience.

Now, NFL Films shared a collection of Jeopardy-based NFL clips as a tribute to Trebek. The montage includes various clips of players referencing Trebek and Jeopardy. In addition, the video focuses on one particular segment of the game show that went viral for all the wrong reasons. During the episode, the category “Talkin’ Football” stumped all three contestants who did not buzz in once.

“As a viewer, you should realize that something is wrong if a certain category is left until the very end. And it occurred to me as we got close to the end of the round, I said, ‘gosh, nobody’s gone to football, why?’ And then they got to football, and I understood why,” Trebek joked in an interview.

During the episode, Trebek is baffled and amusingly criticizes the contestants for their lack of football knowledge.

“I can tell you guys are big football fans,” Trebek says mockingly after another missed question.

“Do you think we should go to commercial,” the host says as the crowd laughs at the contestant’s silent buzzers.

The contestants go on to miss the fourth out of five questions in the category. Then, Trebek says, “Let’s look at the $1,000 clue, just for the fun of it.” The crowd claps and laughs at the host’s witty remark.

“If you guys ring in and get this one, I will die,” Trebek says of the last question. Of course, the contestants miss that one, as well.

Trebek said the viral segment ranks in the Top 5 moments ever on Jeopardy.