NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers Send Food to Pennsylvania Poll Workers

by Will Shepard

As the last standing undefeated team in the league, the Pittsburgh Steelers are arguably the hottest team in the NFL. However, they also care about winning off the field. In an effort to aid the poll workers, the Steelers sent food to Alleghany County ballot counters.

Still working hard to get the total vote count in Alleghany, PA, the Steelers helped the workers alleviate some stress. As good samaritans, the Steelers team helped out by sending them some much-needed food. The county shares a video of the food contribution from the Steeler.

Grateful For The Steelers

As they are up against the clock and the immense pressure of the American people, the poll workers are tirelessly counting ballots. As the workers max out, there is very little downtime for them, let alone time to go find food. Without delay, the Steelers organized a food delivery. To list the food in the delivery: “chicken, rigatoni, veggies, rolls, [pizza] pies and more,” the team came to their aid.

As has been noted by People Magazine: “County spokeswoman Amie Downs told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that the team’s gesture was ‘very nice, very appreciated. We’ve been working very long hours, so for them to have thought of us is very kind,’ Downs added.”

Following the strict regulations of the NFL, players themselves couldn’t hand out the food. But, it didn’t stop them from voicing their support via Twitter. In particular, Vince Williams knew the food was getting delivered, he tweeted this:

And Steelers fans seem proud of the team as well.

Until the team loses, and even if they do, it is clear the team continues to do a lot of the right things on and off the field.

As of Thursday morning, Pennsylvania has only counted 88 percent of the total expected votes. However, that will likely change very soon, but for now, the Allegheny poll workers are very grateful for the Steelers’ contribution.

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