NFL’s Russell Wilson and Wife Ciara Confess They Are Members of ‘Mile High Club’

by Keeli Parkey

When you play the game “Never Have I Ever” you often reveal some very personal things about yourself. That’s what happened to Russell Wilson and his wife, Ciara, this week.

According to a report by, the married couple shared intimate details about their relationship during an interview for The Ellen Degeneres Show. Wilson and Ciara, who have been married for four years, were supposed to appear on the show via video interview on Friday (Feb. 12).

Leading the interview was Stephen “tWitch” Boss who was serving as the guest host for the popular daytime television show. The guest host was joined by his wife, Allison. Together the two couples played a virtual Valentine’s Day-themed edition of “Never Have I Ever.”

During the game, Russell Wilson and Ciara, as well as tWitch and Allison confessed to being members of the mile-high club. They all also admitted to doing the deed in a vehicle.

tWitch first asked about having sex in a car. All four individuals raised their paddles on the “I Have” side. Then he adds: “Since we’re talking about transportation, never have I ever joined the mile-high club.” Once again, all four paddles go up on the “I Have” side. At least they were being honest.

tWitch also jokes about how his wife, Wilson, and Ciara reacted as they responded to the question. “You know my favorite part is like after the question, everybody is looking to see if everybody is going to be honest,” tWitch said. “You see that little hesitation?”

Russell Wilson, Ciara Play ‘Never Have I Ever’ With tWitch

Not all the topics tWitch asked about during the couples’ “Never Have I Ever Game” involved sex. Some involved life as a parent.

For example, he asked if any of them had ever pretended to be asleep while a baby was crying. On this question, according to, only Russell Wilson, tWitch, and Allison raised their “I Have” paddles; Ciara did not.

“See Ciara, now you know,” tWitch said in response. “You kind of outed yourself Russell.” Whoops.

Allison was quick to come to Wilson’s defense. “Sometimes you have those nights where you just need to keep on sleeping, you know,” she said.

Another topic tWitch brought up was whether or not the individuals had used their spouse’s toothbrush. All four admitted that they had. tWitch wasn’t phased by the admission, though.

“I kind of feel like you kind of have to, it’s a rite of passage,” tWitch said.

Russell Wilson and Ciara started seeing one another in 2015. They were married in 2016, according to They have a 6-month-old son and a 3-year-old daughter. In addition to those children, Wilson is the stepfather to 6-year-old Future Zahir. Ciara had that child with Future. They were once engaged.

You can watch more from Russell Wilson’s and Ciara’s appearance on The Ellen Show with tWitch below.