NFL: Ryan Fitzpatrick Rocks Daisy Duke-Style Shorts at Dolphins Practice, Twitter Goes Crazy

by Thad Mitchell

Miami Dolphins backup Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was showing some leg at Wednesday’s game practice. The quarterback wore “Daisy Duke” style shorts while taking the field.

South Florida Sun Sentinel Reporter Safid Deen tweeted a photo of Fitzpatrick and his skimpy practice shorts during practice.

“I was trying to get a pic of Tua at Dolphins practice today but Ryan Fitzpatrick was in the way,” Deen tweets for humor.

The photo shows the quarterback standing to the side and observing as the team’s other quarterbacks receive instruction from coaches. Fitzpatrick’s short can likely best be described as “high and tight.”

The 16-year veteran quarterback recently lost his starting gig to the Dolphins’ first-round draft pick, Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Fitzpatrick, known for his wit, obviously has not lost his sense of humor.

Fitzpatrick Honors Teammate

The short shorts were reportedly not for show or social media attention, although they did attract plenty of attention. Instead, Fitzpatrick cut his practice shorts and pulled them up high to honor a former teammate who was recently traded to AFC East division rival New England Patriots. That former teammate, wide receiver Isiah Ford, wore his practice pants in the same super-short style.

The third-year receiver was acquired by the Patriots on Tuesday at the NFL’s trade deadline. In addition to unique practice apparel, Ford was highly thought of by his teammates, including Fitzpatrick. The quarterback was very complimentary of Ford during their time together with the Dolphins. He once called Ford “Mr. Reliable” because the receiver was always in the right place at the right time.

“Isaiah has been on the active [roster] and off, on the practice squad and up and down,” Fitzpatrick says. “He’s worked so hard. He’s a guy we have so much faith in as quarterbacks. Whenever anybody has a question, sometimes when coaches have questions, we’ll go back to Isaiah and say, ‘What is this signal? What is this route?’ and he knows everything.”

While it may not have been his intention, Fitzpatrick’s shorts brought about a lot of social media attention. While many found the fashion statement humorous, others took appreciation of the quarterback honoring a teammate. Here are some of the top Twitter responses to the QB’s short shorts.

H/T: South Florida Sun Sentinel