NFL: Saints’ Demario Davis Reveals 1-Year-Old Daughter Is ‘Free of Cancer’

by Josh Lanier

New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis recently told TMZ that his daughter is cancer-free. The NFL star thanked God for the recovery of his 1-year-old girl, Carly-Faith.

Davis has previously said his daughter was diagnosed with retinoblastoma in May. This caused a tumor to grow behind her left eye. As a result, doctors had to remove the eye and replace it with a prosthetic.

But Davis said he and his family have been able to keep perspective during her fight with the disease.

“I’m a person that just never try to take anything for granted and to know what she’s been through, even to the point of having to lose her eye, but her body is free of cancer,” Davis told TMZ.

He uploaded an adorable video of Carly-Faith dancing after the Saints 38-3 blowout win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Nov. 8.

Davis said he hopes Carly-Faith’s recovery can inspire other families who are fighting a disease. He thanked the doctors and nurses for their hard work. Moreover, he thanked God for allowing his daughter to heal.

“So, we’re just anxious as parents to see if God is gonna take her eye what is He gonna restore her with, what is He gonna give her because we know He’s not just gonna take something without giving a double portion back,” Davis said.

Demario Davis Defends QB Drew Brees

Earlier this season, as the Saints won ugly, talk arose that Drew Brees, the longtime Saints quarterback and future NFL Hall of Fame inductee, was “washed up.” Even as his numbers have improved and the 6-2 Saints won bigger games, the talk wouldn’t subside.

His teammates hate these comments. Demario Davis went public with his annoyance.

“If I’m putting together a roster, that’s the type of quarterback that I want,” Davis told TMZ Sports. “I don’t know where the negative feedback is coming from. If people just look at the numbers, he’s as efficient as he has ever been.” He continued, “He’s the reason we have had the success we have had.”

Davis isn’t wrong. Because Brees’ efficiency is the highest of his career. He’s currently hitting his targets 73.5 percent of the time, which is one of the highest in the NFL. And he’s also the heart of the New Orleans team.

“He’s the reason why we’ve had as much success as we had,” Davis said.