NFL: Travis Kelce’s Clean Shaven Face Has Patrick Mahomes, Fans Freaking Out

by Megan Molseed

Sometimes emojis can speak louder than words. This is abundantly clear in Patrick Mahomes’ recent retweet of his Kansas City Chief’s teammate, Travis Kelce’s latest Twitter profile pic.

The Kansas City Chief’s quarterback took to Twitter late Monday night to share his thoughts on the Chief’s tight-end brand-new clean-shaven look.

Mahomes decided that he didn’t need any words in the recent tweet. Instead, Mahomes simply shared the hilarious picture of Travis Kelce along with six “laughy-crying face-emoji” faces. The post may not have featured even one single word from Mahomes, but the emoji comment left by Mahome’s certainly spoke volumes!

It’s been a wild time for Travis Kelce.

Travis Kelce’s Makeover Adventure

First, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end showed off a brand-new clean-shaven look with only a mustache when he showed up to training camp just a few weeks ago.

This move shocked many of the footballer’s fans – the tight end was kinda known for his rugged close shaved bearded look.

Then, while Chiefs fans were still getting used to the new mustached look Kelce was sporting, he decided to go all the way. Getting rid of the mustache as well. Leaving his face entirely bare. And, it seems, his fans were not ready to see the tightened football stud’s new look. As a result, the Twitterverse went wild in response to the unexpected change.

“Travis Kelce might be the only man on earth who can shave his beard and somehow look older,” joked one Twitter user.

Another Twitter page noted how Kelce’s new look seems to change the footballer’s image entirely.

“Travis Kelce shaved his beard and lost all of his rhythm and soul,” the Twitter user joked.

So, with the Twitterverse seeming to have coordinated panic attacks over Kelce’s new look, the footballer decided to have a little fun take the matters into his own hands; fixing the matter entirely. Well, sort of.

On Monday, the thirty-one-year-old football star unveiled a new Twitter profile pic, hilariously sporting a counterfeit beard. With the hashtag #NewProfilePic

Of course, Kelce’s fellow footballer and Kansas City teammate, Patrick Mahomes couldn’t leave Kelce’s new “look” alone. Just an hour later Kelce shared the updated profile photo, Mahomes retweeted it to his own Twitter page.

If You Can’t Laugh At Yourself…

Clearly, Mahomes appreciated his friend’s call-out of the many unflattering comments about the new clean-shaven look.

Rather than add a comment to the post, Mahomes simply captioned the tweet with a series of laughing emojis, crying ones to be exact.

And, Mahomes’s Twitter fans didn’t disappoint in their responses.

“It’s pronounced Kel-see with the beard and Kelce without the beard,” one Twitter fan wrote on the post.

“…even Mahomes knows Kelce needs his face hair back,” wrote another Twitter fan.

One response even made a pretty spot-on comparison to Kelce’s mustached look with one of the “Super Troopers.”

Who knows whether or not the tight-ends facial hair will be back by the start of football season. But, it’s good to know his sense of humor is intact, even as the beard disappeared!