NFL: Twitter Users Call Out LA Chargers Coach, Claim He’s Wearing Shorts as Mask

by Chris Haney

During Sunday’s NFL matchup between the Los Angeles Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders, cameras captured a Chargers coach wearing a face mask that looked like a pair of athletic shorts.

In recent weeks, the NFL has come down hard on teams that have not followed the league’s COVID-19 protocols. League officials have warned players, coaches and staff that it is imperative that they wear proper face coverings.

Therefore, it seems that Keith Burns of the Chargers coaching staff decided to get a little creative. Many people assumed that Burns used gym shorts as a face mask. Even the announcers thought so during the game’s broadcast.

“I want you to look at this right here. The special teams coach. That’s two legs. That’s like a pair of pants (he’s wearing),” the football announcer claimed.

However, there seem to be some discrepancies over exactly what the coach wore as a face covering. Multiple media outlets immediately reported that they were shorts of some sort.

Yet, some Twitter users pointed out that Burns may be wearing a snood, albeit not properly. As one user tweeted: “It’s a snood – but doesn’t have it over his neck – just has the ear straps on.”

Although it is not clear, the NFL’s strict policy on masks could still come into play. League officials could determine that Burns did not wear the face-covering properly. If so, the Chargers organization, and Burns himself, could both receive fines for breaking virus protocols.

NFL Punishes Raiders for COVID-19 Protocol Violations

Earlier this week, the NFL hit the Raiders with stiff penalties for violating league COVID-19 protocols.

According to multiple reports, the NFL fined the Raiders franchise $500,000 and took away the team’s 6th round draft pick in 2021. In addition, head coach Jon Gruden received a $150,000 fine.

ESPN’s NFL insider Adam Schefter reported the penalties on his official Twitter account. He also shared some of the team’s violations. They include Gruden not consistently wearing a mask or not wearing one properly. It also includes the team allowing an unauthorized person into its locker room.

“NFL fined the Raiders $500,000 more, Jon Gruden another $150,000 and also took a 2021 sixth-round pick from Las Vegas for repeated COVID protocol violations, as @CharlesRobinson and @ByKimberleyA are reporting,” Schefter reported.

The Raiders organization leads the league in COVID-related penalties in 2020. In total, they have been fined $1.185 million for breaking COVID-19 protocols throughout the season. They are the only team, so far, to lose a future draft pick for their violations.