NFL’s Josh Norman Raising Money for Small Business, Already Has 650 Applications

by Josh Lanier

The Buffalo Bill’s Josh Norman is stepping up to offer $2,500 grants to small businesses in the Buffalo area that are struggling because of the coronavirus pandemic. And applications are flooding in. So far, more than 650 businesses have applied for help.

The Buffalo Business Blitz was the 33-year-old shutdown cornerback’s way of giving back. He told TMZ Sports that he couldn’t sit by as he watched others struggle.

“With Buffalo Business Blitz, what we’re doing with that was pretty much helping out small businesses that closed down during the holiday season, during the pandemic time,” Norman told the website.

Norman started off fundraising for the charity with a personal hefty donation. He said he hopes to raise $1 million by the end of the month and start cutting $2,500 checks to small businesses after that.

But the need is immense. More than 650 businesses have applied for the program and more applications are coming in.

“A lot of people are struggling right now and it’s pretty sad,” he told the website.

Josh Norman: ‘Small Businesses are the Heartbeat’

Josh Norman said people who can help out need to step out.

“I can’t turn the hands of time to change something that has already been done given the circumstances that we’re all in,” he told WKBW. “But what I can do, is do something about today.”

Federal assistance for small businesses remains in limbo. Congress allocated cash for several programs that could help those struggling businesses in the most recent stimulus package. But President Donald Trump has signaled he may not sign it unless legislators increase payments to Americans from $600 to $2,000.

Norman said small businesses are too important to the economy and their cities to ignore. And communities that rally around those businesses will thrive, he believes.

“Small businesses are the heartbeat,” Norman told WKBW. “It’s the heart of every city, and if somebody can get behind them and get on that train, how much better will we be as a community?”

The Buffalo Business Blitz is accepting donations through the end of the month. People can donate through the program’s website.