Oklahoma Football Player Spencer Jones Nearly Lost Eye in Bar Fight Caught on Video

by Charles Craighill

While most people would choose to spend their Valentine’s Day weekend going to nice restaurants with their significant other or perhaps binging Rom-Coms on Netflix, an Oklahoma Sooners football player Spencer Jones decided to take a different route.

Spencer Jones, the Academic All-Big 10 First Teamer, spent his Valentine’s weekend getting his butt kicked in a bar bathroom. To be fair, that may not have been his choice. Either way, Jones and his friend got more than they asked for when they picked a fight with an MMA amateur. Check out the crazy video below.

The incident took place in the bathroom of a bar called Logies on the Corner in Norman, Oklahoma. While it is difficult to tell exactly how the altercation started, we see a bit of back and forth at the beginning. Spencer Jones repeatedly tells the two to “get the f— out of here,” and his friend gives a shove before the much smaller man unloads a haymaker on Spencer Jones.

From there, everything devolved into an all-out brawl between the four dudes. One of the smaller men took Spencer Jones to the ground and got him into a chokehold. Meanwhile, the other two also took the fight to the ground. In the video, we see the two smaller men throw punch after punch. Eventually, someone broke up the fight, but not before Jones and his friend suffered some major injuries.

Spencer Jones Almost Lost an Eye in the Bar Fight

According to Woodrow “Woody” Glass, the attorney representing him, Spencer Jones almost lost an eye in the fight. Jones underwent extensive surgery to repair the damage done in the fight. In fact, doctors even told Jones and his family that he was extremely lucky to still have his eye at all.

As of now, the Norman Police Department has launched a criminal investigation surrounding the fight. They have yet to arrest anyone, however, Woody Glass insists Jones those responsible will receive justice. According to Glass, Spencer Jones only wanted to make peace and break up a fight but fell victim to aggravated assault.