Oklahoma Head Coach Lincoln Riley Is Furious After Baylor Fans Rush Field With One Second Left

by Quentin Blount

First, Alabama head coach Nick Saban loses his mind on the sidelines. Then, Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley did the exact same thing.

This weekend is starting to look like one of the most memorable college football weekends in some time. Not for the reasons you may be thinking, though. There weren’t any major records broken or anything like that. But two of college football’s most prominent coaches lost their cool on the sideline during their respective games. We already talked about Nick Saban’s Saturday tirade in a previous Outsider article. You can check that out here. But for now, we are going to focus on Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley and what happened during the Sooners game against the Baylor Bears.

If you haven’t heard yet, the previously undefeated Sooners were ranked No. 8 in the country. They were sitting pretty with a pristine 9-0 record before getting beat on Saturday by the 13th ranked, 7-2 Bears. It goes without saying that Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley was not happy.

Not only was Riley upset with the way his team performed on Saturday, but he was also even madder about the way in which the game ended. Baylor fans rushed the field despite there being one second left on the clock. So, if you ever wanted to see Lincoln Riley go ballistic on the referees, this is your chance. The official Twitter account for FOX College Football posted a clip of what happened.

“Baylor fans rush the field with 1 second left on the clock.”

College Football Fans Troll Lincoln Riley After His Meltdown

It’s hard to blame Baylor fans for wanting to rush the field after beating a rival school. Especially a rival as prominent as Oklahoma is in the college football playoff landscape. After the game, fans made their feelings known about Lincoln Riley and about the refs.

“Bringing teams back for one meaningless snap,” one fan said. “Why didn’t Baylor just snap the ball and kill the clock? Way to screw up the celebration. #OUstillsucks”

“Lincoln is a cry baby lol just take the L,” a Baylor fan replied. “That’s why y’all weren’t in the top 4.”

“Who cares, they’re up by 10,” a third person pointed out. “Impossible for OU to win. Should be a baseball walk off situation.”

Meanwhile, it wasn’t just college football fans that were trolling Lincoln Riley. One of the announcers from the game was critical of the head coach as well.

“I don’t know if Lincoln should be hot about that,” the announcer says in the clip. “He should be hot about his team’s inability to run the football. Especially in the second half. That’s just the frustration of a guy who is seeing his whole college football playoff season end here in Waco, Texas.”