Oklahoma Senator Files Bill to Name Three Inches of State Highway as ‘Lincoln Riley Highway’

by Jonathan Howard

While Lincoln Riley has moved on from Norman, Oklahoma to the University of Southern California, he may yet be honored in the Sooner state…sort of

If state Senator Bill Coleman gets his way Riley will get a highway named after him. Well, three inches of a highway. While naming highways after sports figures and others isn’t uncommon, this seems a bit more personal.

The section of highway is on State Hwy 325. Located in the panhandle, there isn’t much traffic on the road. Perhaps this is more of a backhanded slight than an actual honor, huh? The 3 inches would take up a spot on the westbound side of the highway. Yikes, not even both directions.

The senator said, “I felt the State of Oklahoma needed an appropriate goodbye to this former head coach whose sudden departure left many in shock, including a team of young, dedicated college players.” He didn’t stop there, either. He continued, “I found the tiniest section of our most desolate of highways to pay tribute to Coach Riley’s exit from Oklahoma football and the state.”

Maybe the few folks on the “desolate” road would like a couple of potholes filled instead. However, this would be one of the pettiest moves related to a football coach leaving and I love it! It was a shock that Oklahoma lost its coach to Southern California. You could argue they are in the same tier of jobs historically. However, that didn’t stop Riley.

Senator Calls Lincoln Riley’s Oklahoma Departure Unprofessional

Senator Coleman filed the bill. It will come up for discussion in February when the legislative session begins. In the bill, there is a provision saying that Coleman would be responsible for paying for any signage at the spot. At least taxpayers won’t be on the bill.

When it came down to it, Coleman feels that what Lincoln Riley did was uncalled for.

“While we are all free to pursue employment elsewhere, there is a level of professionalism that is expected to be adhered to,” the senator explained. “From all indications, professionalism was pretty much absent in how this departure was executed.”

Those are some tough words from the elected official. Oklahoma ended up on the wrong end of the crazy coaching carousel.

Lincoln Riley Heads for SoCal

Whether these three inches get named after coach Riley or not, I’m not so sure he will care much. His new deal with the Trojans likely has him feeling very comfortable. He is set to take over a historically strong program with a strong track team behind it as well. Speedsters welcome at USC.

So, three inches of road in Oklahoma isn’t going to bother him much. Right now, he is thinking about turning the PAC-12 into his own personal fiefdom next football season.