Olivia Culpo, GF of Christian McCaffrey, Shares Dazzling Looks in Latest Update: ‘No Boys Allowed’

by Will Shepard

Olivia Culpo is a woman of many talents. Notably, she is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. Culpo is also a social media influencer.

Further, Culpo is dating the Carolina Panther’s superstar running back Christian McCaffrey. But for now, it seems that he and all boys are on the back-burner.

The swimsuit model shares a series of Instagram photos of drinking wine with McCaffrey’s mom. It looks like the two women are getting along exceptionally well.

Culpo even says that there are “no boys allowed” at their dinner date. Certainly, this is a big step for the stars’ relationship status as dinner with parents almost always indicates a progressing relationship.

New Year’s Resolution for Olivia Culpo?

“Going over our New Years’ resolutions. Wine caps off, thinking caps on! No boys allowed either. What is your new year’s resolution?”

Perhaps their Culpo and McCaffrey’s New Years’ resolution will be that their boy, Christian, will be back playing again soon. However, that may not be until the 2021 NFL season.

Interestingly, Lisa McCaffrey was a star soccer player at Stanford University. Her son, Christian, must have inherited a lot of her talent. Even though he has been hurt for the majority of the season, he is still widely regarded as one of the most talented running backs in the NFL.

Olivia Culpo won the 2012 Miss Universe Beauty Contest, which was actually run by Donald Trump. Since then, her career has taken off.

The 2020 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine featured Culpo on the cover. Additionally, she was in a TV show called Model Squad in 2018.

And her dating life has largely kept her in the NFL. Before starting to date McCaffrey in early 2019, Culpo was dating Danny Amendola. The couple was dating for three years before they broke up. Interestingly, she then began dating the superstar running back just over a month later.