Olympic Gold Medalist Daniel-Andre Tande Severely Injured After Horrific Crash

by Keeli Parkey

A very, very scary moment happened on the ski slopes on Thursday (March 24) as Olympic gold medalist Daniel-Andre Tande was severely injured in a terrifying crash. The skier was jumping as part of a World Cup competition in Slovenia, according to TMZ.com.

You can watch a video of Daniel-Andre Tande’s crash below. As you will see, at the start of his jump, things are doing well for the ski jumper. However, at a point while he is in the air something goes very, very wrong. This causes him to crash into the snow. After his hard landing, he slides down the hill as shocked spectators can do nothing but watch.

Warning – the video is not easy to watch. Click here to view.

While the video of the crash looks absolutely terrible, Daniel-Andre Tande did not suffer life-threatening injuries, according to TMZ.

Things didn’t seem so positive right after the crash, however. According to the report, Tande was not conscious when medical professionals reached him. In fact, paramedics had to make sure that he was “intubated and mechanically ventilated” while he was in the ambulance that was taking him to a hospital for further treatment.

Despite Horrific Crash, Early Tests on Daniel-Andre Tande are ‘Very Promising’

In the hours after the crash, doctors shared a surprisingly positive message about Daniel-Andre Tande’s condition. According to TMZ.com, the doctors said that the results of the skier’s “preliminary tests are very promising.”

Unsurprisingly, Tande has not made a public statement about his crash. However, Clas Brede Brathen, the leader of Norway’s ski jumping team, shared a positive message on Thursday about Tande’s condition.

“The fall has looked dramatic for us and we are now relieved after the first diagnosis that Daniel’s injuries are not life threatening,” Brathen reportedly said.

Daniel-Andre Tande will undergo further tests on Friday, according to TMZ.com. These tests will continue to monitor his condition.

It’s very surprising that Tande is alive when you think about just how fast he was going when the crash took place. According to OlympicChannel.com, he was traveling at approximately 100 kilometers an hour when he took flight.

Tande is a Norwegian professional ski jumper. He earned a gold medal during the Winter Olympics in 2018. He is 27 years old.

Daniel-Andre Tande’s injury isn’t the only tragic event to take place on the slopes this week. Julie Pomagalski was killed in the Swiss Alps on March 23. It was an avalanche that claimed her life and the lives of two others.

Pomagalski competed for France in snowboarding on the world stage. She even made an appearance in the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. She also competed in the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin. One of her career highlights was winning a gold medal in 1999 in the snowboard cross event. She earned this title at the FIS Snowboarding World Championships