Olympic Triathlete Vomits, Needs Wheelchair after Winning Gold in Tokyo

by Joe Rutland

An Olympic Triathlete found himself in need of help and support after he won the gold medal during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Kristian Blummenfelt of Norway just crossed the finish line and won the men’s triathlon in a time of 1:45:04. According to an article from the New York Post, the Olympic Triathlete grabbed the finish-line tape and ended on his hands and knees. The heat and exhaustion got to Blummenfelt, who vomited before being helped to his feet.

An Olympic Triathlete medical helper managed to get Blummenfelt into a wheelchair. Blummenfelt managed to kick it up another notch near the end of the long race, beating Great Britain athlete Alex Yee by 11 seconds. Yee took the silver medal and Hayden Wilde of New Zealand earned the bronze medal.

Olympic Triathlete Faced Three Major Obstacles Toward Gold Medal

What are the obstacles that an Olympic Triathlete faces? A 1.5-kilometer swim, a 4-kilometer cycling race, and a 10-kilometer run to top it all off. The race time was moved up so the triathletes would not have to deal with the heat so much.

Well, that didn’t help Blummenfelt much as you can tell how he finished the race. But the Norwegian did capture the gold medal.

The Olympic Triathlete told reporters after the race that he’s been eyeing Olympic gold “for so many years.”

“I was on holiday here many years ago and thought to myself, ‘OK, your goal is to win an Olympic gold medal here in 2020,'” Blummenfelt said.

Take a look at Blummenfelt at the finish line. The Olympic Triathlete gave it his all and ends up winning the gold medal.

Blummenfelt received support from his fellow triathletes and, as you can see, an Olympic Triathlete medical team member put a cold towel over him.

Eventually, he felt good enough to not only receive his gold medal but speak to reporters after the race.

He had a goal in mind before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and achieved his dream. Blummenfelt would fall right in line with other Outsiders, too, who go after their dreams.

Olympic Opening Ceremony Numbers Were Way Down in U.S.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony was down in the United States this year. Viewership hit a 33-year low in America. Why did this happen?

The Hollywood Reporter reported 16.7 million Americans watched the Opening Ceremony. That number includes life and streaming viewers, too. In comparison, 40 million watched the 2012 London Games ceremony.

More people watched Oprah Winfrey interview Meghan Markle and Prince Harry (it drew 17 million viewers) than the Opening Ceremony, according to a story from Fox News. Some point toward COVID-19 as being the big reason viewership is down since fans are not allowed at event sites.