Paige Spiranac Grips and Rips It Indoors in New Video

by Thad Mitchell

Social media influencer and former professional golfer Paige Spiranac is offering up some golfing tips in her latest Instagram post.

Paige Spiranac had a short-lived professional golfing career but has made a name for herself on social media. The blonde beauty often uses her social media platform to offer up tips to leisure golf players looking to improve their game. She also uses social media to promote golfing products from companies in the golf industry. She has a huge social media following with well over three million followers on Instagram and nearly 500,000 on Twitter. Her social media posts always tend to grab a lot of attention as she’s made a nice career for herself as an influencer.

In her latest social media post, Paige Spiranac takes her golfing practice indoors due to inclement weather outdoors. Calling herself a “baby” when it comes to poor weather conditions, she says indoor facilities are a nice alternative. In the video, she is using a golfing simulator to work on her form when driving from the tee.

“We were talking about the weather yesterday and most of you said you hate playing most in the wind,” she says in the post. “I am such a baby when it comes to bad weather and golf now.”

Paige Spiranac then suggests moving the party inside on days in which the weather is not agreeable. She says X-Golf is an excellent alternative to playing outside in the rain, wind or extreme heat.

“That is why you will find me at X-Golf America anytime there is not perfect golf weather,” she says with a laughing emoji. “What are you up to this weekend? Playing any golf?”

The video she includes in the post shows a nice grip and rip shot right into a giant simulation screen. The simulator calculates just how far the shot would go on an actual golf course and where the ball lands. Despite being indoors, simulators can really replicate a game of golf. Numerous professional golfers use them for practice when they’re unable to make it a proper course.

As with most of her social media posts, Paige Spiranac’s latest video collected a lot of attention. Several golf fanatics say they also try to move indoors if the weather is not cooperating. It seems indoor golf simulators have a nice-sized fan base among those looking to get some driving practice in. It also appears there will be plenty of golfers hitting outdoor courses this weekend.

“We play is just about every type of weather,” a social media user wries. “We will be out and about this weekend.”

While indoor golfing can be convenient, you can bet Paige Spiranac would rather be outside and on a real course.