Paige Spiranac is Not Happy Seeing Tampa Bay and Tom Brady Advance to the Super Bowl

by Jon D. B.

Paige Spiranac isn’t holding back on her opinion of Tom Brady after Tampa Bay’s Championship win today, and Twitter is all over it.

Social media influencer, golfer, and podcast host Paige Spiranac has recently come to the defense of Tiger Woods several times over. When it comes to Tom Brady, however, she’s having none of his sassy “winning.”

“I hate how good Tom Brady is,” the golf & fitness entrepreneur laments on Twitter, sparking a storm of responses. While Spiranac is clearly using common vernacular and/or sarcasm, that never stops Twitter from being Twitter.

“He’s great but he was clearly outplayed by Rodgers today. He threw 3 picks and the defense picked him up,” responds follower Christopher Knight.

“He threw 3 picks… what are you talking about?” echoes follower A.V.B., taking the golf stunner at her word.

But Paige Spiranac follower Pete Aklestad is calling it like it is, too. Just from the other side. “He’s ONLY going to his 10th Super Bowl! Don’t hate, congratulate!” he says.

Regardless of Twitter’s tsunami of opinions, Tom Brady is indeed headed to his 10th Super Bowl. And let the record state that Spiranac is not a fan.

Paige Spiranac: From Tom Brady to Tiger Woods

In turn, Paige Spiranac has come to the defense of fellow golfer Tiger Woods on multiple occasions this January. Most recently, she spoke out on behalf of Woods in regards to his highly-publicized cheating scandal.

“Even when all this was happening, I think people were being too hard on him,” Spiranac says of Woods. “You look at your own life and the things you’ve done. No one lives a perfect life, we all make mistakes… It’s not like he killed someone, he cheated. A lot of people cheat in their lifetime.”

Moreover, Spiranac has a hard time with “couch fans” judging celebrities for mistakes when their lives are so different. Instead, she suggests we “get rid of cancel culture” and help people who need it.

“It’s not for people to sit on their couch and make him out to be a monster when I don’t think anyone could have handled that any better than he has,” she continues. “Let’s get rid of cancel culture and help these people. Because you don’t know what they are going through. I don’t think any of us could handle that spotlight, it’s insane.”

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