Patrick Mahomes’ Brother Reacts to Viral Video of Him Throwing Water on Ravens’ Fan

by Josh Lanier

Somehow the biggest story from Baltimore’s upset win over Kansas City didn’t even happen on the field. It happened after the game when Jackson Mahomes, the brother of Patrick Mahomes, decided to see if arm accuracy runs in his family and threw water on a rowdy Ravens fan.

It was a tough loss for the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes and co. were up by 11 heading into the fourth quarter, but late-game heroics from Lamar Jackson secured the win for the birds. Jackson didn’t take the loss well.

After the game, one fan started heckling everyone in the box. In a video that the fan uploaded to Instagram, he yells “I’m so sorry for you,” and “Let’s go.”

Travis Kelce‘s girlfriend ignored the taunts, but Jackson Mahomes couldn’t handle it. He picked up his water bottle and pour it out on the heckler’s head. But instead of putting out the fire, it only sparked a fierce backlash. And it made the fan happy to know he’d gotten under Mahomes’ skin.

“Jackson Mahomes just dumped his whole drink on me (laughing emoji),” the fan, who the New York Post says is Bobby Callaway, wrote on his Instagram story.

Jackson tried to stem the hate with a joke. He quipped that “they were thirsty,” in a reply to Barstool Sports.

Later Jackson replied “facts” to a fan comment that said, “Why do people hate on this dude, all he does is support his brother, and at the end of the day, he makes more money than both your parents combined?”

September Streak Comes to an End For Patrick Mahomes

Before Sunday, Patrick Mahomes was the September savior.

In his 11 starts during that month, Mahomes has thrown 35 touchdowns, zero interceptions, and never lost a game. Then he played the Ravens Sunday and threw his first interception that helped lead to his first September loss.

It happened late in the third quarter when Kansas City was up 35-24. Mahomes dropped back and was waiting for the play to develop, but before that could happen Ravens lineman Odafe Oweh broke free and wrapped up the quarterback’s feet. Instead of eating the sack, Mahomes tried to salvage the play with a pass to Travis Kelce. But the Ravens got to it first.

Mahomes called the pick “dumb” and “one of the worst (he’s) probably ever had,” after the game, according to

Mahomes still finished the game with 343 yards and three touchdowns. But he blames his play as one of the reasons the Chiefs lost.

“Yes, of course, the interception was not only dumb in the sense that it was a bad throw or not even close to the receiver,” Mahomes said in a post-game interview. “It was dumb at that point in the game. Even if I just throw to the flat, and he doesn’t get the first down, we have a chance to decide if we are going to kick the field goal or punt and pin them back. So, it’s just a lot of little things in games like this, that leads to losses in the end.”

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