Patrick Mahomes’ Fianceé Brittany Matthews Fires Back at Haters Critiquing Weight, Outfit in New Pregnancy Photos

by Halle Ames

Patrick Mahomes’ fianceé is every bit nine months pregnant. Weight gain is expected, so when haters threw shade at her size, she fired back.

Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahomes took a slight detour to the wedding and are preparing for their baby girl, who is due any day. Patrick Mahomes said he is happy that the baby waited until after the Super Bowl.

The 25-year-old couple posed for another set of maternity pictures yesterday, which has generated some negative comments from social media users.

Mathews wore a light pink ruffled gown, while Patrick Mahomes sported a grey suit. The backdrop consisted of dramatic pink and blue drapery. She commented on the two sets of photos, saying, “My King🤴🏽👸🏼” and “Ready to meet you baby girl 💕.”

Brittany Matthews Fires Back

Naturally, the post attracted both positive and negative attention, partly due to Patrick Mahomes fame and rival fans.

One person commented, “Someone, anyone, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, please help this woman. She has so much potential.”

Another user commented on the former professional soccer player’s figure with a backhanded insult.

“Girl, who dressed you for this shoot? You’re beautiful and skinny, and that dress doesn’t do you justice! Jesus Christ, that dress is an abomination!”

We understand if fans don’t like the Kansas City Chiefs, but to attack Patrick Mahomes very pregnant frianceé?

Brittany Mattews didn’t like it one bit. In a series of Instagram stories, Matthews touched on the point of a maternity shoot and how it was not to showcase her skinny body at nine months of carrying a human. In addition, she condemned people who take the time to write negative things online.

“Well, ladies, not trying to look “skinny” in my maternity pics, I’m very pregnant and not here to try and make myself not look pregnant…”

“Women being hateful to other women on social media seriously needs to stop! If you have nothing nice to say, THEN STFU.”

On the other hand, Patrick Mahomes’ longterm girlfriend thanked the fans who had her back and would “go to war” for her. Matthews also blew a kiss to them in a boomerang video .

“Shoutout to all my amazing, sweet, and supportive followers on here that always go to war with the hateful & awful people on my post! You guys are just the best.”

Patrick Mahomes has yet to comment on the hate his fianceé has received. He also hasn’t posted the maternity pictures on any of his social media accounts as of this time.

Patrick Mahomes and Matthews Relationship

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews have been together since high school. In September, Mahomes finally popped the question, and by later that month, the two announced they were expecting their first child together.