Patrick Mahomes Lets Loose on NFL Teams Not Hiring Eric Bienemy: ‘You Don’t Understand’

by Joe Rutland

A couple of NFL teams need new head coaches. Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes is ticked his coach Eric Bienemy can’t get a gig.

Teams have interviewed Bienemy but passed on hiring him. This does not sit well with Mahomes and he aired his opinions in a press conference leading up to Sunday’s AFC Championship Game against the Buffalo Bills.

“It’s crazy, would be the best word to describe it,” Mahomes said. “To see the stuff that comes out and then knowing the man that he is and the coach that he is every single day, you don’t understand where the stuff comes from.

“You understand how great of a coach he is, how great of a person he is, how great of a leader he is. And so, it’s crazy that he hasn’t gotten his chance to become a head coach,” Mahomes said.

“But I promise you, he’ll keep grinding and keep getting better and better and keep helping us out — which is a positive at the end of the day,” Mahomes said. “And, hopefully, help us continue to go to these AFC Championship Games and go to more Super Bowls.”

Eric Bienemy Might Land Role With Houston Texans

A few head coaching jobs remain open in the NFL. One of them is with the Houston Texans, who have interviewed Eric Bienemy for their role. The Texans fired coach Bill O’Brien four games into the 2020 season, leaving veteran coordinator Romeo Crennel to finish out a 4-12 season.

The frustrating year took its toll on Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, so much so that he is saying that he wants out of Houston. Owner Cal McNair reportedly had a meeting during the season with Watson, telling his star that he would have some input on hiring a new general manager and head coach.

Well, McNair hired a new general manager without asking for Watson’s help. That has turned up the heat on Watson wanting out of a situation where two of his four seasons there have seen the Texans finish 4-12. Losing this much is not something the former Clemson standout is used to at all.

Hiring Bienemy Might Change Deshaun Watson’s Mind

One thing that could change Watson’s mind about leaving is hiring Eric Bienemy as Texans head coach. Will this happen? No one seems to know for sure.

Bienemy is going to be busy, though, getting the Chiefs ready for the Super Bowl. Kansas City will face Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Fla., on Feb. 7. If the Texans do make the move to hire him, then it might solve their problem with Watson.

For now, Mahomes can keep learning and planning under Eric Bienemy as his offensive coordinator. They have worked well together, good enough to win a Super Bowl last season. They’ll try and repeat that feat in Tampa.