Patrick Mahomes’ Mom Blasts Super Bowl Refs and Gisele Bundchen on Social Media

by Halle Ames

Mama bear Mahomes came out last night when her son, Patrick, lost the Super Bowl yesterday. She called out Gisele, ESPN, the refs, and SportsCenter. 

It’s Randi Mahomes against the world right now. 

Last night, Patrick Mahomes had an upsetting 31-9 loss, although originally favored to win. No one took the defeat harder than Patrick Mahomes’ mom and fiancée. Both took to social media to call out a list of people to blame the loss on, and none of them included her son or the Chief’s performance. 

Patrick Mahomes’ Mother Goes Off

The 44-year-old mother of three first called out the refs for being biased. In a series of tweets, Randi Mahomes says that Tampa Bay paid off the officials to call the game in Buccaneer’s favor. 

“Looks like the fans were right.  The refs are for the other team. Even their fans say it’s so.. smh.. i still believe”

“What a joke ref!!! Really..”

“Got to be kidding me… their fans are bragging “we have the refs on our team”……i Still believe..”

“It feels good to know basically every national media person has acknowledged how bad and lopsided the officiating has been.”

“If y’all wanted to see the Chiefs vs the refs just say that.”

Randi Mahomes even called out Tom Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen for the way the game was playing out. 

“If you have to have the ref on your team is that really winning!!! @giseleofficial lol.”

Patrick Mahomes mother and fiancée Brittany even teamed up to throw shade at ESPN.

In ESPN’s defense, they weren’t just tweeting funny pictures of Patrick Mahomes. They posted a series of still shots and GIFs that speak for themselves. 

Questionable Call

Much of the Twitter beef came after a questionable call on the field. Tom Brady and Chiefs cornerback Tyrann Mathieu were in each other’s faces, and a flag was thrown. Although it looked as if Brady started the incident, Mathieu received the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. 

Love our chiefs!! Heartbroken to see how @espn @SportsCenter tried making fun of my son. But I know his heart and love for his team and chiefs nation! Thank you chiefs fans.. don’t forget these are someone’s sons on tv #godisgreaterthenmyhighsandmylows.”

However, Randi Mahomes finished her Twitter rant with a few photos with Tom Brady’s parents, calling them a “class act.”

She also added a photo of the two mothers holding one another, both in their respective teams jerseys. 

“Thank you Mrs. Brady for your kind words..”

Although the defending champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, did not pull it off last night, Tom Brady managed to secure his seventh Super Bowl ring. That is more than any of the 32 NFL teams have themselves.