PBR Reveals First Look at Bull Riding Event on USS Lexington Aircraft Carrier

by Matthew Memrick

This weekend, the PBR Tour goes back to the sea for its bull riding event atop the USS Lexington.

The event will take place on Saturday, and CBS Sports will show its telecast on Sunday at noon Eastern.

This weekend’s PBR Air Force Reserve Cowboys event is the first for many bull riders on an aircraft carrier. In November, a few took part in the inaugural bull riding event in November.

Notably, the ship, nicknamed “The Blue Ghost,” has been converted into a museum and sits in the Corpus Christi area since 1992. 

According to GossipCop, singer Blake Shelton sang on it for a Pepsi commercial in November of 2014. Shelton performed for veterans and their families for a 2015 “Operation Halftime” Super Bowl spot.

PBR Riders Talk About Aircraft Carrier Event

Cody Teel competed on the USS Lexington in November. Before withdrawing from the event, the PBR bull rider talked to PBR about how unique this event is for the new riders.

 “Once you get there and read about the history of the battleship, that just makes it that much cooler,” Teel said. “Not many guys ever have that opportunity. Even if we do it every year, it will only be a select few guys who can say they ever did it.”

Lucas Divino is bull riding in place of Teel, who is out because of a family matter.

Current world No. 1 Jose Vitor Leme did not compete in November’s inaugural event on the ship. He had been home in Brazil for a family visit.

“Unfortunately, last year, I was not here, and I was in Brazil,” Leme told PBR. “This year, it is a good date, and now I can go. This will be fun. I saw all my friends riding there on the ship last year, and I told myself, ‘I need to ride there.'”

Bull riders will compete for a limited number of world points this weekend. A Round 1 bull riding winner can grab 69 world points, the maximum amount if he also posts two 90-point rides.

PBR Event Purse Among Donations to Silva Family

Last week’s death of Amadeus Campos Silva led to an outpouring of support by PBR bull riders, the organization, and its sponsors. 

The 22-year-old Campos Silva died in a freak bull riding accident. The Brazilian passed away last Sunday at the Pendleton Whisky Velocity Tour event in Fresno, California. 

The PBR riders decided that they would donate their $100,000 prize purse to the family on Tuesday night. PBR also threw in $100,000 and will match fan donations up to $100,000. Other sponsors are chipping in to help the family. 

The event will also benefit the Farmer Veteran Coalition. The organization works to cultivate a new group of farmers and food leaders. It also serves to develop viable employment and worthwhile careers between the farming and military communities.

“This is really important because this can help a lot of people, this is amazing,” PBR bull rider Leme said last week in Fort Worth.