Peyton Manning Discusses Tiger Woods Growing Up as a Child Prodigy

by Charles Craighill

On Season 2 of Peyton Manning’s ESPN+ show, “Peyton’s Places,” Manning sits down with quarterback Fran Tarkenton. The two legendary quarterbacks talked about a legend from a different sport, Tiger Woods. As Manning points out, Tarkenton discovered the young Tiger as he started making headlines as a golf prodigy. However, Tarkenton didn’t really believe that Woods would rise to what he is today.

“We had [five-year-old Tiger Woods] on my lap,” Fran Tarkenton explained. “So John Davidson asked me: ‘Do you think this kid will ever make it?’ I said ‘He’s got no chance.'”

This sounds like the most ridiculous prediction aside from Chris Berman predicting the Buffalo Bills winning the Super Bowl year after year, but his reasoning actually had validity.

“Because he’s got one of those doting fathers,” Tarkenton continued. “He is gonna drive him to where he’s gonna end up hating golf and hating sports. Then you’ll never hear from him again.”

Tarkenton was right about his relationship with his father, however, he was dead wrong about Tiger’s success. As Peyton Manning points out, fifteen majors later, it seems like Tarkenton misread the situation. “Yeah I think I maybe misjudged it a bit,” Tarkenton admits.

As always with Peyton Manning, he had to close the clip with a bit of humor. “I was around five years around that time,” Peyton dogged Fran. “I didn’t get an invite to ‘That’s Incredible,’ I must have missed the invite in the mail.”

“That’s Incredible,” was Fran Tarkenton’s longtime TV show that featured the young Tiger Woods. Peyton Manning, son of legendary Saints quarterback Archie Manning, proved his young athleticism in a video clip of him playing football in the backyard with his brothers, Eli and Cooper. Based on that brief footage, Tarkenton really missed out on Peyton’s unmistakable talent.

Peyton Manning and Fran Tarkenton Alma Mater Beef

This conversation is shocking in several ways. For one, how could Tarkenton deny the success and raw talent of Tiger Woods? Also, in what world would Peyton Manning, the University of Tennessee legend, sit down and talk to anyone affiliated with the University of Georgia?

Not surprisingly, Peyton wore his pumpkin orange Tennessee polo while Tarkenton wore his own Georgia colors. In fact, when Peyton Manning played with Tiger Woods in “The Match” against Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady, Peyton refused to wear Tiger’s signature red and black because “those are Georgia Bulldog colors.”

In this short Twitter clip, the two discussed the first of the two questions. As for the second question, they did not talk about it in the clip, however, they surely hashed out their differences behind the scenes.