Peyton Manning Takes Swipe at Tom Brady and Patriots Over Deflategate

by Thad Mitchell

Though one of them is now out of the league, the rivalry between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady lives on.

Arguably the two greatest players to ever step on a football field, Manning and Brady have a longstanding feud. It is mostly a “friendly” feud between them but neither quarterback is above taking a shot at the other.

That is exactly what took place in a recent edition of Manning’s hit television series Peyton’s Places. The show follows Manning on his various adventure across the country as he talks to athletes, celebrities and public figures. Actor Kurt Russell was a recent guest on the show. He provides Manning with a chance to poke fun at Brady and his old team, the New England Patriots.

Speaking on his role in the 1986 film “The Best of Times” the actor says movie props aren’t always what they appear. Russell plays a football quarterback in the movie and says a “smaller and softer” ball is in use for purposes of the film. The soon to be NFL Hall of Famer recognizes and seizes the opportunity to diss Brady immediately.

Russell explains playing a quarterback in a film is much more difficult than the pros make it look. He says he suffered a rotator cuff injury over the course of filming and had to take measures to look like a real QB.

“The only thing that saves me was that it is a slightly smaller ball and kind of soft in the middle where I could get on top of it,” he says.

Peyton’s response leaves Russell in a bout of hysterical laughter.

“Sort of like the Patriots,” Manning says.

Peyton Manning Still Remembers ‘Deflategate’ Game

Manning is, of course, referring to the now-infamous “deflategate” controversy in which Brady and the Pats were accused of cheating. The incident took place in 2015 as Manning’s Colts took on Brady’s Patriots with a Super Bowl berth on the line. Brady is alleged to have ordered team personnel to “deflate” multiple game balls below regulations. The quarterback allegedly wanted the footballs with less air to make them easier to grip and catch. The Pats would beat the Colts by a score of 45-7.

Brady was suspended four games for his involvement in the cheating scandal. The Patriots were also forced to forfeit two draft picks in the 2016 NFL draft. Additionally, the team was fined $1 million for the incident.

While the incident was several years ago, it’s clear that Manning will not soon forget it.

H/T: Fox News