Philadelphia Eagles CB Explains Journey From Selling Tires to Getting Back to NFL Playing Time

by Will Shepard

Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Kevon Seymour thought that he was at rock bottom a year ago. He was coming off multiple surgeries and believed he had a sure-fire way out of the NFL. But now, he is playing for a role as one of the starting cornerbacks for the Eagles.

The Eagles’ cornerback has been struggling more than most people are aware. In fact, before getting back to football Seymour had to work in a tire store to afford to provide for his family.

But, at the beginning of December, Seymour earned himself a spot on the Eagles’ practice squad. Consequently, after two corners went down during the Eagles’ game, he is fighting for a starting spot. Both Darius Slay and Avonte Maddox are out with injuries.

During that game, Seymour took 35 snaps while also getting five tackles for the Eagles. However, he is not in prime game shape. In fact, his last game in the NFL came almost three years ago on December 31, 2017.

In a recent interview, Seymour talks about dealing with a ton of adversity to get back to the NFL. He says that it’s been hard work but certainly worth the effort.

“Since 2017, I’ve been dealing with a lot of adversity. Dealing with the injury bug and going through a lot of adversity, a lot of surgeries. It’s all been worth it. Praise due to the highest.”

Eagles’ CB Seymour Put Through the Wringer

The Eagles’ new guy has dealt with some serious physical hardships. In 2018, Seymour entered a nine-month rehab program to help deal with two shoulder surgeries on each shoulder. Next, in 2019, he had surgery to repair a torn ligament in his hamstring.

Dealing with those surgeries for two years meant that no football team wanted to give him a contract. So, he was strapped for cash to provide for his family.

Consequently, Seymour began working at a tire store in Charlotte, North Carolina. In the same interview, he talks about how he needed the job and actually enjoyed working there.

“I used to go there all the time, conversate with the guys and the owner and staff. They actually gave me a job. I was doing that just to kind of keep my mind free and clear.”

However, these three surgeries he has had during his tenure in the NFL are not the extent of his dealing with injuries. Back in college at USC, he was dealing with awful vision. So, he began wearing glasses as his eyesight was deteriorating.

This helped the current Eagles’ corner for a time. But, he still had trouble tracking the ball and getting things correct during plays in practice and games.

“My first time catching the ball and doing drills with corrective lenses was the NFL Combine. It was a whole different world. Everything was sharp, and I was still getting used to it.”

Consequently, Seymour decided that laser eye surgery was the route he wanted to go in to correct his vision. The surgery was successful, and he was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 2016. But, after a trade to the Carolina Panthers, he was then dropped by the team. That was just before he went under dual-shoulder surgery.

Back To Football

It remains to be seen whether or not Seymour will actually start for the Eagles. The defensive coordinator seems to like Jalen Mills over Seymour, but he remains optimistic that he will be called into play. And more importantly, he is ready if he is needed.

“I’m just preparing to be the best version of myself, the best version of Kevon Seymour on that field. I take none of this for granted. All of those hard times, I love it all. I attack every day like it’s my last.”

Moreover, Seymour has battled through hard times just to get to this place. The Eagle’s corner feels that he is ready for whatever else is thrown his way.

“I came a long way. I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs and adversity, so it didn’t faze me being out there. I knew I would have this opportunity again.”

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