Philadelphia Eagles’ Jalen Hurts Says He is Trying to ‘Be a Coffee Bean’ In Response About Pressure

by Quentin Blount

When it comes to Philadelphia Eagles rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts responding to pressure, he says he is trying to “be a coffee bean.”

Hurts delivered his “coffee bean” story Wednesday while talking to the Philly media saying, “You’ve got to try to be the coffee bean.”

Michael Greger covers the Philadelphia Eagles for He went into detail about Hurts’ analogy.

“What that means is to change the situation around you for the better, like a coffee bean dropped in hot water,” Greger wrote on Twitter. “The carrot wilts, the egg gets soft on the inside. The bean gets stronger.”

Hurts first used the coffee bean analogy last year at the University of Oklahoma when asked if his teammates were drawn to him as a leader.

“I think you’ve got to try to be the coffee bean,” Hurts said. “You’ve got the carrot, the egg. You put an egg in boiling water, it hardens up. It doesn’t affect anything. The carrot softens up. The coffee bean spreads and gets stronger and impacts the people around you. You try to be that coffee bean.”

It seems as though Hurts and his “coffee bean” approach has been working for Philadelphia. The Eagles were 3-8-1 and had lost four straight before making the change from Carson Wentz to Jalen Hurts. The dual-threat rookie compiled 273 total yards of offense in his starting debut against the New Orleans Saints and their number-one-ranked defense. Hurts threw for 167 yards and a touchdown and rushed for another 109, helping lead the Eagles to a much-needed win.

Jalen Hurts Is a Natural Leader

This year has been different in that Eagles practices and the locker room are largely closed to the media. As a result, it’s difficult getting to know the rookies and newly-signed players. It’s also tough for the players to bond, as they’re forced into virtual meetings due to COVID-19 policies. Hurts, however, seems to be an exception.

Several Eagles on both sides of the ball have spoken publicly about how inclusive Hurts is. They have all spoken highly of his work ethic. Defensive end and team captain, Brandon Graham has been incredibly impressed with the second-round draft pick.

“All he’s been doing is working,” Graham said to reporters. “That’s what you can tell when a guy comes in and he’s having success, that he’s been ready. He’s been waiting on his moment. He’s been making sure he’s sharpening his sword until his moment came. That’s exactly what you get because when he wasn’t in, he was supportive, out there working hard, trying to beat us every day. I think you started to see flashes of him getting better every day that he was out there.”

More of a soft-spoken person, Jalen Hurts leads by example and by the work he puts into the game. Graham says that the other players on the team can tell that he’s not a “pretender.”

“I think the work that you put in, you start to become that natural leader just because of what you do every day,” he said. “You’re not a pretender. You’re not a faker. People are seeing the work you put in. When you produce on the field, people respect you even more. You get that respect, and eventually, you become that leader without even knowing it because people want to be like who you are.”