PHOTO: Tennessee Titans Take Moment of Silence for Flood Victims, Treats Local Team Who Had Facility Destroyed

by Jonathan Howard

Since the devastating flooding in Tennessee, this past week so much has been lost. The Tennessee Titans will honor the Waverly community. After the floodwaters had come through, it was clear how devastating it was. For the Waverly Central High School football team their facilities and equipment were destroyed.

So, the Titans invited the high school and middle school teams to the game. They were special guests for the preseason finale against the Chicago Bears. During the game, the teams were recognized on the field. There was also a special moment of silence taken for those who perished in the floods.

Fans all around the stadium took the time to respect the moment of silence.

The floodwaters were absolutely tragic. They took out buildings, flooded streets, ruined property all over, and took precious life. Even Loretta Lynn was hit hard by the floods. Her ranch foreman, Wanye Spears passed away in the flood. After the news broke, Lynn shared a heartfelt goodbye to Mr. Spears. Now, the community will rebuild and attempt to move on from the flood.

Tennessee Titans 2021 Expectations

With the end of the preseason, the Tennessee Titans are looking toward the regular season. While the Titans are not expected to be world-beaters, they should have a good season. Currently, fans can get win totals from 9 to 10.5 wins. However, that all depends on the sportsbook.

In each of the last five seasons, the Titans have won at least nine games. Only two other teams in the NFL can claim the same. First, the Kansas City Chiefs. Second, the Seattle Seahawks. Both of those teams had higher win totals than Tennessee. So, with history and success to build on, they are in a good position.

Before they get to playing games, the Titans will need to deal with COVID-19 issues. Nine players, including quarterback Ryan Tannehill, are positive for the virus. Hopefully, the team will clear up the issues before the season officially starts. There is still time for the roster to get healthy.

Last season, Tannehill captured the hearts of Titans fans with his great play to round out the season. Along with Derrick Henry, the Titans have a team full of fan favorites. Even if Tannehill isn’t ready to go in week one, Logan Woodside is a promising young quarterback. It wouldn’t be bad for the future of the team to see Woodside get a little playing time. However, that is more of a fan of football perspective and not a Titans fan perspective. Of course, the team would love to have all their pieces starting on week one.

Since arriving in Nashville, Tennessee, the Titans have been a pillar of the city. Their success has led to the success of the city and now, Music City is a sports destination. There are almost as many sporting events now as honky-tonks…well, probably not. But, the point remains, Nashville is a bonafide sports town.