PHOTOS: NASCAR Driver Corey LaJoie Hilariously Parodies Bubba Wallace Crop Top Outfit

by Evan Reier

Ribbing amongst NASCAR drivers is nothing new. If anything, it’s the different personalities and characteristics that make drivers so engaging to follow. Some might say Bubba Wallace understands this better than most.

So when Corey LaJoie took to Twitter with the goal of poking fun at Wallace, he couldn’t have been shocked. After all, the pair are friends through racing.

That being said, we would have paid really good money to see Wallace’s reaction when LaJoie first uploaded this post to Twitter.

The image in our heads right now is Bubba sipping a drink and doing a grade-A spit take in response. But hey, if you put yourself out there in a crop top, you’re basically putting a target on your back when it comes to joking around with the boys.

LaJoie’s goal is apparently an ad for male grooming company “Manscaped,” and we’ve got to applaud the marketing and advertising teams over there. An absolutely killer choice.

As for LaJoie’s comments about who wins the “NASCAR crop top battle,” we’re not looking to weigh in on that debate. Based on the images themselves, seems like it comes down to “hair” or “no hair.” We’ll let y’all decide for yourselves.

Bubba Wallace Assisted by Corey LaJoie

Last summer, there was a major concern over racism in NASCAR after a rope was found in Wallace’s garage during the GEICO 500 at Talladega Superspeedway. The rope was fashioned to how a noose would be, which is an obvious and terrible symbol in context. However, NASCAR determined it to be a garage pulley based on the evidence available.

Before NASCAR and the FBI’s investigation, there was an effort from drivers and pit crews to show support for Wallace. As the NASCAR Cup Series’ sole full-time black driver, Wallace’s comments and the ensuing actions of the organization and other competitors was a massive moment in the year and arguably NASCAR history.

Ryan Blaney went on to win the race in an overtime finish, but Wallace ran out of gas with three laps to go and ended up finishing 43rd.

However, it was a moment with LaJoie that stood out. With Wallace out of gas and unable to complete the race, LaJoie finished himself, and then went and pushed the 27-year-old’s vehicle. Wallace was able to complete the final three laps.

Afterwards, LaJoie went to Twitter to comment on the action, saying, “I couldn’t leave my man @BubbaWallace stranded.”

He also threw in a pretty fantastic Cars reference. Kachow.

Crop tops, out of gas, whatever it is, LaJoie has got Wallace’s back.