Pittsburg State Football Player Fixes Broken Down Bus on the Way To Game

by Matthew Memrick

A Pittsburg State freshman long snapper saved the day, fixing his team bus on the way to the last game of the season, and it turned out to be a win.

The team was in the middle of its five-hour trip across Kansas when the bus broke down.

But it wasn’t too big a problem for Pittsburg State long snapper and automotive technology major Timmy Malinowski. Malinowski had the bus fixed and back running before AAA could figure out what mile marker they were at.

Pittsburg State Long Snapper Saves The Day

According to the Four States local news, the team pulled over to the side of the road when one of the buses lost power. 

The Peoria Journal Star talked with their hometown hero, and fans learned the kid was watching “Vice Grip Garage” on YouTube when the bus pulled into a rest area and got stuck. 

The Pittsburg State long snapper saw the confused driver look under the hood. Someone remembered Malinowski had a knack with a monkey wrench as a diesel mechanic. So they encouraged him to diagnose the problem.

The 6-foot-1 Pittsburg State long snapper came off the sidelines and to the huddle at the front of the bus. The Washington, Illinois native determined that all the bus needed was a hose clamp. Fortunately, they had a spare.

McGyver, I mean, Malinowski grabbed a Leatherman multi-tool, and with a few clockwise twists, the bus roared back to life.

Pittsburg State Coach, Teammates Applaud Malinowski

Pittsburg State head coach Brian Wright praised the freshman’s actions. 

“You know, we got a lot of talented people here,” Wright told the Four States. “Not just on the football field, but a lot of great people that can do a lot of great things that are gonna be very successful long after their experience here at Pitt State.”

Wright picked up one of the top-ranked long snappers in the country. Kohl’s rated him as the fourteenth-ranked long snapper in the country. Yeah, Malinowski’s a long snapper, but you always want the best guys on the field, right?

After the long ride, Pittsburg State (8-3) stayed composed in a 34-24 victory over Fort Hays State. Malinowski had “all good snaps” in the final regular-season game.

To Malinowski, it was no sweat. He said his Gorilla teammates were thankful they did not miss the game and were stuck on the cramped bus

“I walked onto the bus [after fixing it], and everyone was like, screaming my name and stuff like that, mostly because I think they didn’t want to have to take everyone off that bus and get them all on the other one,” Malinowski said.

Nation Celebrates Pittsburg State Long Snapper

Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take put Malinowski in a poll, and he won Football Guy of the Week, beating NFL stars George Kittle, Carson Wentz, and coach Jim Harbaugh. High praise, indeed.