Pittsburgh Steelers Fans are Begging JJ Watt to Join Brothers TJ, Derek on Team

by Suzanne Halliburton

JJ Watt, are you listening? Or, are you checking Twitter at all? Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers really want you to come play for their team.

After all, it makes sense. JJ Watt would have family really close by, namely current Steelers players Watt and Derek Watt, his brothers.

One wrote: “JJ Watt, come play with TJ Watt and Derek Watt. You will absolutely love Steeler Nation. Steelers and I promise we will love you back! I live in H-town and want you in da ‘burgh!!!”

It’ll Be Tough For JJ Watt To Leave Houston

JJ Watt, a star defensive end, is one of the most beloved athletes in the city of Houston and the state of Texas. He’s worked tirelessly to raise money for causes special to his adopted city’s heart. When Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston in 2017, JJ Watt helped raise almost $42 million to help build back so many of the homes that were swamped. And his fundraising campaign all started with a post on Instagram. Watt was in a hotel in Dallas and posted:

“That’s our city. It’s very tough to watch your city get hit by such a bad storm and not be there to help. Not be there to help with the recovery. Not be there to help with the process. It’s very tough.”

JJ Watt and former First Lady Barbara Bush, who lived in Houston, even became friends as they worked on a couple of causes dear to both their hearts.

So it’ll be emotional for JJ Watt to leave the Houston Texans. But it almost seems inevitable. Rumors about a potential trade have been circulating since at least last November. Watt will be 32 in March. He’d like to play on a team that will contend for the Super Bowl.

Meanwhile, the Texans have hit bottom. They were 4-12 in 2020. Bill O’Brien, the team’s head coach and general manager was fired in October. Star quarterback Deshaun Watson is involved in his own trade drama. Houston hired David Culley as its new head coach earlier this month. And one of his priorities will be to try and sooth Watson’s problems.

But Watt Could Be Looking To End Career With Contender

But JJ Watt could be expendable.

So why not the Pittsburgh Steelers, where two of his brothers play.

Enter the fans, posting on Twitter.

One wrote: “JJ Watt, it’s only right to come home.”

Another said: “If the Steelers managed to bring in JJ Watt that would be the quickest Jersey purchase of my life, even if he’s only there for one year.”

Still another replied:

“I have a couple of 99’s Texans jerseys … love him as a player and a human. I just wanna see him happy & there be chance for a ring. … wouldn’t think it would be odd if his brothers, TJ and Derek, give a tiny percent of their salary so big brother can come play a year or two.”

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