Pittsburgh Steelers Fans Are Begging J.J. Watt to Join Team After Release with Hilarious Posts

by Evan Reier

If you hadn’t heard, NFL superstar J.J. Watt is officially back on the market. While plenty of teams would love to sign the defensive end, Pittsburgh Steelers fans might be the most vocal.

Ever since the announcement, the tweets and posts have been pouring in. Watt is departing the Houston Texans after spending the first decade and change of his pro career with the AFC South team. Further, considering he’s been released as a free agent, it seems like the potential pool of teams is as big as he could hope for.

From the Steelers’ perspective, Watt would be a fantastic add. An already impressive defensive line could be elevated further by Watt. While that may be true, Steelers fans and the rest of the NFL world knows what the real pitch is:

“Come play with your brothers, J.J.”

J.J.’s younger brothers, T.J. and Derek, reunited in 2020 when Derek signed with the Steelers. While Derek contributed as a fullback, T.J. all but solidified himself as an elite edge-rusher in the NFL, racking up 15 sacks in 2020.

Pittsburgh Steelers Fans Are Making Some Weird Pledges

The prospect of T.J. and J.J. lining up next to each other is something Steelers fans can’t get enough. Just check Twitter.

It doesn’t stop there. There are even fans making questionable pledges should Watt head to Pittsburgh.

“If JJ Watt comes to the Steelers, I will get the name “Watt” tattooed on me,” @WATTSituation tweeted.

Some aren’t willing to make such a claim. For example, @MikeyWhite003, who hilariously says he’ll give Watt an eye-catching sum of cash.

“I’ll give @JJWatt $20 if he comes to the Steelers”

We’re not sure how J.J. Watt will be able to turn that down.

And to cap off the wild and random pledges, @ghtthree “might” have the best post.

“I might sell my left nut if it meant @JJWatt would come to the Steelers”

We take issue with the “might”. Do you want J.J. Watt or not? Commit to the cause and stop talking a big game.

However, one pledge actually seems like it might have some legitimacy. Iconic Pittsburgh staple “Primanti Bros.” is throwing their hat into the ring.

“@_TJWatt + @DerekWatt34 – if you can get @JJWatt to Pittsburgh, we’ll rename ourselves WATT BROS. #ForRealForReal#HereWeGo”

That’s a pretty bold statement for a sandwich shop that’s been in business since 1933. Plus, we’re not sure exactly who’s doing the favor for who here. The Watt names carries a lot of weight, just like the brothers themselves.

That being said, never doubt the power of the Primanti name when in Yinzer territory.

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