Racecar Driver in Multicar Wreck Loses Both Legs

by Kayla Zadel

Scottish racecar driver Colin Turner lost both is his legs during a horrific crash this past weekend.

Driver Colin Turner was racing in the Walter Hayes Trophy Formula Ford 1600 at the Silverstone Circuit on Sunday. The race was being held under wet conditions, therefore resulting in a multi-car crash.

According to Fox News, six cars were involved in a series of crashes along the front straight of the racetrack. The wreck, involving Turner, sent three drivers, to the hospital. Out of all the injuries, Turner’s were the worse. In order to save the racecar driver, doctors at the University Hospital Coventry made the decision to amputate his legs.

“The whole Formula Ford motorsport community wishes Colin well and our thoughts are with him and his family at this difficult time,” Walter Hayes Trophy organizer James Beckett said.

Formula Ford 1600s are small, open-wheel racecars. The entity prepares amateur drivers and young aspiring professionals by running small-displacement engines. Moreover, Formula Ford is simply a stepping stone to bigger racing organizations, like Formula 1.

Racecar Drivers and Injures

It’s something that racecar drivers ask themselves:

“Am I willing to give up what I have now just to experience the thrill of racing?”

It’s not a matter of if racecar drivers are going to wreck, it’s a matter of when. And when that wreck happens, the real question that comes into play is, how bad is it.

Some are lucky enough to walk away with merely a scratch. Then there are those that are on the other receiving end. Countless drivers have lost limbs and even their lives.