Rachel Uchitel, Ex-Mistress of Tiger Woods, Allegedly Filed for Bankruptcy in July

by Joe Rutland

Life is coming at Rachel Uchitel, former mistress of Tiger Woods, pretty hard right now as she reportedly filed for bankruptcy back in July 2020.

Uchitel, who has been making the media rounds to talk about her time with Woods in connection with the HBO documentary Tiger, has nearly $311,000 in debts. Reportedly, $2,000 of that is for cosmetic treatments and $2,240 in unpaid private school fees.

Per the Daily Mail, she faced eviction from her home in New York City on Dec. 30. Rachel Uchitel reportedly wasn’t going to tell her married boyfriend Ed Batts about the situation, either.

Uchitel’s time with Woods ended after his now-former wife Elin Nordegren chased him from their Florida home with a golf club.

Rachel Uchitel Forgets About NDA In ‘Celebrity Rehab’

Rachel Uchitel made an appearance on the show “Celebrity Rehab,” where she talked about her time with Woods. But she previously had signed a $10 million non-disclosure agreement regarding the matter. Uchitel had to turn most of it back over through her former attorney Gloria Allred.

She has had affairs with “Angel” actor David Boreanez and other men.

As for the debts, Uchitel said, “The vast majority of debts to be discharged was directly related to my business which proved to be not financially viable (because retail is not doing well as an industry!) but I had personally guaranteed, leaving me no choice but to seek bankruptcy protection. 

“This isn’t about me racking up credit cards in 300k,” she said. “Sometimes entrepreneurs need to know when failure is an option. I closed my store. For over 5 years, I invested my own money and time into an award-winning store that I had to close due to a tough industry.”

Uchitel Claims Life Has Been ‘Living Hell’ for Years

What is strange in the midst of all the bankruptcy talk is that Rachel Uchitel said the past 10 years have been a “living hell.”

She is talking about her relationship with Woods because, as she tells Extra, going from being a nightclub hostess to Woods’ paramour nearly ruined her life.

What she claims in an interview is that she wants to return to her normal life.

“I have been silent for over a decade now,” Uchitel told host Billy Bush. “And I felt that it was really important to me to speak only once in my life.

“Because I have spent all these years letting people think what they want to think and say what they want to say,” she said. “I needed to take the shackles off and be able to tell my story for me.”

The fact, though, that Uchitel has filed for bankruptcy and continues to have relationship issues leaves one to wonder if she’s being honest with her comments. Anyone looking at her debts and current status as having a profile on a sugar daddy website, though, might just see if “normalcy” is a part of her life.

Then there’s the ongoing revelations coming out in the documentary about Woods’ life.

Only time will tell.