Raiders Fans Pummel Guy in Chargers Jersey on ‘MNF’: VIDEO

by Suzanne Halliburton

Yes, we’re talking to you Raiders and Chargers fans. Is it something in the air at the brand new SoFi Stadium? Or have folks forgotten their manners?

Check out this fight that happened during Monday Night Football as the Raiders and Chargers played on the field.

TMZ obtained exclusive video of the fight between a guy wearing a Keenan Allen Chargers jersey and a man in a Raiders shirt. The skirmish happens near the railing. One guy attempted to jerk the other out of his seat. And another threw some punches at the face. TMZ reported that other fans tried to call security, but they were too busy breaking up another fight.

Check out the action:

It’s suddenly become a tradition to fight at spiffy new SoFi Stadium. The same thing happened at an exhibition game between the Rams and the Chargers back in August when the stadium hosted fans for the first time. Of course, the Rams and Chargers share the stadium, so you probably can expect fans might get a bit possessive when both are playing in the new digs. They don’t share their toys well.

When the Rams hosted the first regular-season game at the stadium, Sept. 13, fights broke out as well.

This past Monday, the Las Vegas Raiders hit SoFi Stadium for some prime-time action with the Chargers. And every NFL fan in California probably still considers the team the Oakland Raiders, or maybe even the Los Angeles Raiders. It depends on your era. So momentarily forget Las Vegas and geography. There are intense rivalries between all these California teams.

The Chargers, who used to play in San Diego, beat the Raiders, 24-14. It was the first loss of the season for the Raiders. And, the Chargers are a division rival, so the loss hurts a bit more. It was a streaky kind of game. Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert threw first-half touchdown passes to Donald Parham, Jared Cook and Austin Ekeler. Then Raiders QB Derek Carr helped erase the advantage with third-quarter touchdowns to Hunter Renfrow and Darren Waller.

Fans of Monday Night Football enjoyed the matchup, as evidenced by the preliminary TV ratings. The game pulled an audience of 12.32 million for ESPN. If you compare year to year, the fourth-week MNF game in 2020 drew 8.65 million.

The Associated Press reported earlier this week that the NFL is enjoying some terrific TV numbers this season. Each game is averaging 17.3 million viewers, when you combine TV and digital audiences. That’s a 17 percent increase from last year, when most fans weren’t allowed in stadiums. And it’s a three-percent jump from 2019, pre-pandemic.

The Raiders and Ravens opened the Monday Night Football schedule. The game attracted a combined 15.3 million in the simulcast. The audience was the largest for a MNF opener since 2013. The numbers don’t include the digital audience.